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Afraid Again Update

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Just in case any of you were wondering how Terry's third "hit" went this past Thursday . . . 

All his liver tests were well within normal ranges.  HUGE relief to both of us!  Yay!!!

No reactions to anything they gave him at the chemo clinic this time.   Yay!!!

Got out of there at a decent time.  Yay!!!

Had to be put on a 5-day course of oral antibiotic as the doctor's PA who saw us thought he may have had an early infection in that red toe of his and the port incision.  So, I'm thinking that may be what was brewing a week or so ago, remember?  

His neutrophil count was over 4.11.  The Neulasta On-Pro seems to be doing the trick.  Yay!!!

LDH went up 27 points . . . so, not so "yay"; but we're choosing not to stress about it.

Getting more anemic, which is to be expected, thus his fatigue will only worsen; so, they're preparing him (as am I) to consider staying home the remainder of his treatment if it does . . . I know.  I know.  You've all so kindly prepared ME for that.  Luckily, he has plenty of sick time saved, so if we don't have to do anything more in the way of lymphoma treatment after we're finished with this RCHOP course . . . we MAY be fortunate enough to make it, financially.  It's going to be all we can do to afford the time we've both already taken and for what may come in the next few months.

They told us that they will NOT be delaying any of his future chemo, as they want to proceed quickly toward that final sixth hit.  We're half-way there . . . repeat PET is scheduled for the 25th of this month and his follow-up and next (4th treatment) is scheduled for the next day (the 26th); so, we'll know for sure then if his treatments are doing what they / we are hopeful they are.  

This is the weekend he says he feels the most "worthless".  I told him that this is the weekend is when I am the saddest; as it's pretty much all he can do to take a shower and get dressed.  Breaks my heart . . . 

He's napping comfortably while I'm typing this with a carrot cake (one of his most favorites) is baking in the oven.  I love him so!

So, I guess that's about it for now. 

Hope this finds everyone in stable / good health.

Love you all!


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