Surgery done!

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Had partial nephrectomy yesterday afternoon and word on the street has it I may be discharged sometime this afternoon. Pain consistently #2-3, so very thankful, so far have only needed Tylenol. Using the spirometer religiously, walked a circle around nurses station last night and am anxious to get up and moving again after breakfast. I surely will heed the advice y'all have given in taking it easy and not attempting too much too soon. I so much appreciate all of you and look forward to encouraging others on this unanticipated and unwelcome journey. I just cannot thank you all enough... Jan


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    So glad

    You're on this side of surgery -sounds like you are the perfect patient doing everything you're suppose to.  Just make sure not to overdue it.  You will be back to yourself in no time-continued good health -June

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    Glad to hear all went well.  

    Glad to hear all went well.  

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    Glad to hear all went well.  

    Glad to hear all went well.  

    Sounds good so far.



    Along with the other advise, take a stool  softener for when that big day arrives. No one in their right mind wants to be constipated after a neph.



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    Good to hear surgery went well. Have a good weekend. Sending positive thoughts to you and your loved ones for a quick recovery.

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    So glad it went well and your

    So glad it went well and your pain is manageable with Tylenol. Great also that you're walking and using the spirometer. Good advice on the stool softener. Hope you get to go home today! All the best.

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    Healing tools

    Recliner,  stool softner, water,  get off pain meds quicky, rest, eat, walk-repeat!! You will be back to normal soon..

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    So glad it went well

    So glad it went well

    Wishing you quick and uneventful recovery

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    So happy to hear it all went

    So happy to hear it all went well. It's always better to have it behind you than it is to be dreading it ahead! So glad it was caught early, too. Mine was a monster and I spent 5 nights in the hospital. It's all in my profile, if you're interested. I'm lucky to still be kicking. Now you go out (slowly) and enjoy your summer. Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT do anything you're not supposed to. And wait as long as they tell you to do other things. In other words, do what you always wanted the kids and grands to do: MIND! LOL. Enjoy!!

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    Thank you everyone. I've been

    Thank you everyone. I've been taking Senokot with good results. 3rd day post op was the worst. It was then that I decided out with the stoic, in with the Vicodin and since then have been taking it every 5 hours while awake. Will start tapering tomorrow (day 7 post op) as I think it is contributing to my nausea and lack of appetite. Called my PA this morning thinking she would call in script for Zofran but instead wanted to see me and draw labs. She said I was healing well and nausea/decreased appetite could sometimes last a month. I have follow up with surgeon Monday where I'll also get copies of pathology report, etc (thanks for that advice too!) So blessed to have found this site and so thankful for all of you...

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    Jan....I started to feel really good once I was off all the meds.  Do you have access to an online portal with the hospital that you had your surgery in?  If so, you should be able to see your pathology report.  This will allow you time to develop questions for your appointment on Monday.  

    I'm happy that you are healing well--keep it up:)


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    Wonderful news!!! Take it

    Wonderful news!!! Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

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    Great news (& some old-time "religion")

    "...Using the spirometer religiously..."

    First, congrats on your progress.

    Yeah, it's amazing how most of us get to prosetylizing about the value of religious attention to the use of the incentive spirometer (and our beliefs are primarily "post-neph").