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5 months after my partial nephrectomy...

I have spent my last month visiting ER and my doctor...


episodes of very low energy, sometimes at the point that I can barely walk...

headaches and multiple body aches... and my anxiety growing... I can barely be in a meeting without feel myself out of breath and with no energy

yesterday they did a CBC blood work , check liver, kidneys funtions and chest Xray... all normal...


I used to run and do some exercise and now after a 30 min or less I feel I will faint...

I just sent an email to my dr to try to speed up the 6 months test to move it early 


Any comment?  

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Hear about your symptoms-I'm glad that your blood work is normal and your in touch with your Dr. about moving up your appointment. I know from experience that, anxiety, depression and PTSD can manifest itself in many ways. Fatigue, rapid heart and just not feeling right are among those symptoms.  Maybe your physical symptoms are related to the anxiety you feel and maybe there's some depression as well.  I hope you get answers soon so you can be the best you !! June

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I am in a similar boat as you. I had a partial robot in February and still don't feel I have all my energy back. Sometimes my legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each. I am an exerciser and active, so I just feel a little off. I wouldn't say that I am incapacitated by any means, but I just don't have the same energy as before. Having the surgery, I think it is as much a mental struggle as a physical one. The metal side leads to some anxious thoughts, which leads to hypersnsitivity to anything going on in the body, which leads to high alert status everwhere, which I think naturally leads to some fatigue. The fact your blood work looks good seems like a great sign. Anxiety does all sorts of weird things to the body, so I would chalk it up to that and hopefully it gets better over time. 

Uncle John
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Carlos--It's been 8 months since my radical and I'm still easily fatigued.  From what I've read on this board, everyone experiences fatigue differently post surgery.  This pertains to both the length and intensity of fatigue.  I'm just now starting to reluctantly accept my fatigue but I remain optimistic that it will eventually diminish so that I can, one day, be my spritely self again!  I wish you the best. 

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Hi Carlos it's been a month since you opened this thread the report about your fatigue has it got any better?

Have you done any research into anxiety and fatigue? Lots of information about it online such as this random not medical selection:


It's highly unlikely that any return of the illness is causing the fatigue after you were cleared at the time of your partial nephrectomy.

It is almost certainly either one or the other, or a combination of both, some problems involved in the physical recovery from the operation or some elements of anxiety or PTSD which might be manifesting in fatigue, tension, poor nutrition, poor sleep etc.

To deal with the physical recovery just keep building up what you are doing, maybe slip back now and then, but overall keep doing that little bit more each week.

For anxiety, PTSD, tension, sleep patterns, you can do your own research.

Nurtition is something which is under your control.

I would prefer to have a 12 weekly CT scan after the operation but if that is not available you just have to be wait it out while being aware that even in the very small chance there has been some change that a CT scan can identify this would not be the cause of your fatigue.


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after 1 rough month I feel I can finally can control my anxiety and panics attacks... I am seeing a therapist that is helping me to control it... once I go back I can see that all the "pain" I had was related or caused by the anxiety....

I do get tired easily ..... I guess we are never can be "normal" again after all this "trauma".... 

I will have my 6 month scans next wednesday and I am feeling a less worry and more optimistic....


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Normal is for normal people.  Not for us here on this site.  We have a far more interesting life.

Good luck with the scan,


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