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Half of Scanxiety Gone

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Bay Area Guy
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Had my chest X-ray and blood work on Monday for my 2 year Scan.  This was the first one since I was put on the 12 month rotation.  Blood work showed creatinine of 1.02, right where it was just before surgery in 2016.  Chest X-ray was clear.  So half of the anxiety for the year is gone.  Wednesday, the 11th, for the CT, then the doc visit the following Wednesday.

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Halfway is fantastic!! So far, so good. Let's hope the last half is that good to you! I believe Uncle Ned likes you. Cool


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Bay, this seems like a long drawn out process.  That would be tough for me.  I like having bloodwork and scans in the morning then a visit with my doctor that afternoon. 

Wishing you only the best!


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Bay Area Guy
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The reason I draw it out a little longer is to space out the time between the radiation doses that you get from the X-ray and the CT scan.  I know it’s silly, but it helps me psychologically.

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When I switched to 6 month checks, my doctor had me just do a full chest/abdomin/pelvis CT all at once. Something to ask about. Save a visit and (hopefully) another copay. Good luck!

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I have to have the blood work done first when I'm having a CT with contrast. Otherwise, the lovely people at the imaging center refuse flat out to do the scan because I have KIDNEY DISEASE. Even though I let them know, uh, well, not exactly: My 1.8 (give or take a wee bit) kidneys are functioning quite nicely. The 0.2 kidney went bye-bye wicth the renal cell carcinoma, which is what I have / had. No dice, show us the bloodwork and ever then, we're going to give you grief make things complicated.

OK, so when I get the blood work done and they have the results, I make my appointment and come in and sit down in waiting area. For a while. Then they say, Huh. You've gotta wait until the Radiologist is here because you have KIDNEY DISEASE. At this point there is no point in trying to impress them with my vast knowledge of Kidney Math. So I wait for the radiolgist who "comes in at 8" or "is back from lunch at 1" except they must have their watch set to another time zone (much) farther to the west. For this reason I always take something to amuse myself for at least an additional hour or so. If I have to wait more than an hour, I do my best to channel my inner Donovan and just chill, but...

Oh, and when I finally get this stuff done, if I decide have an appointment with my physician in the afternoon? Well, let's just say I'd best pack a snack, a thick book I haven't started yet, and several skeins of yarn, knitting needles or a crochet hook, and an interesting yet simple pattern.

I'm so envious, Stub!

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I had my ct and bloodwork done and a week later was going to see my dr. I couldn't wait a week, I called 2 days after the CT haha. Everything will be fine, try and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

Take care,


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you got this.

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Half way is great, and here's to an uneventful boring second half results.

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Good luck Bay!! I just had mine today. I’ll see the doctor Monday.

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Tough game, eh. All good until it isn't.  We all roll the dice and hope for the best. 

However the odds are getting better all the time.

Stay positive and strong.


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