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Donna Faye
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Just returned from my appointment that was scheduled as a biopsy for a lesion seen 6 weeks ago. The doc had decided to wait 6 weeks and see what the rads might do. Evidently the rads did their job,so NED today and now will begin the 3 mos. checks as normal for post cancer.  Always a relief when one gets the NED gift.  Hope this helps others know that the treatments, bad as some came be, do work and can keep us moving. Horseback riding here I come.


  • Harmony09
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    Such great news and inspiration! I'm so happy for you! 

    Let that pony run!


  • ConnieSW
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    Delighted to learn your news. 

  • Armywife
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    Just Say Neigh to Cancer!

    So happy for you!

  • LisaPizza
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    What a gift! So happy for you

    What a gift! So happy for you :)

  • Jairoldi
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    So good to hear

    It's so good to hear from you and with such great news!

  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Faye, I am so happy for the

    Faye, I am so happy for the great news.  Now - go for a ride!

  • EZLiving66
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    I'm so glad to hear this!!!!

    I'm so glad to hear this!!!!



  • TeddyandBears_Mom
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    Happy Trails Donna Faye!

    Happy Trails Donna Faye! Congrats. Great news.

    Love and Hugs,


  • MugsBugs
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    Congratulations!  It is time to get back on that horse!

  • Susie2
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    Such good news! Very happy for you.

  • Northwoodsgirl
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    Good news for Donna Faye

    So wonderful to hear your good news! It helps us all to hear positive news! Thank you for sharing! 


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    Fabulous news:)

    Fabulous news:)

  • Cass83
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    So very happy for your good news!

  • Jacjac2
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    Very welcomed news.

    NED is something I have not been fortunate to hear at this point.  I am always happy for those that do, and I mean that.