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I have just fininshed week 2 of 5 1/2 of chemo and radiation and I am experiencing major fatigue. I never take naps and now i find myself falling asleep at all hours of the day. I always feel drained. What tips do yall have for battling this?

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Rest when you need to but don't become a couch potato.  It's good to keep up with some type of exercise, but when you feel exhausted it's ok to nap.  Treatment can zap the strength out of you.  Wishing you the best.


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Take the nap. The fatigue is signaling your body to rest. It is not forever.

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I agree. Have a nap when you need one. It'll go away eventually but for now it's pretty hard to fight it. It's the one thing every chemo gave me, across the board. But if you hear about something that actually works I'd love to hear about it, too.


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Don't fight the fatigue.

When you are NOT feeling tired, then be sure and get some kind of exercise, even if its a walk around the block, or around your living room, but when the fatigue hits, roll with it.  

I'm not sure how bad your fatigue is, but when it hit me hard, it LITERALLY had me on my knees, crawling to the couch. It felt like I was deflating. Such an awful feeling, and if I were to have to choose which of the (many) side effects I suffered was the worst, that would easily be in the top two. 

So yeah, this is just par for the course.

Good luck!


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