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Canada day, July 4th, 16 years ago

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One month before my neph. Time to relax on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. Why not take in a British Pub while your at it.  That cart which brings you the offerings is a nice touch. The Kidney Pie was not. Its the little things you remember.




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Might have been better to ask for steak and kidney pie and ask them to hold the kidney :). Your 16 years gives us all hope for the future, it certainly did for me just over 5 years ago. Thanks for all your helpful comments over the years.

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There are vegan (plant-based) recipes that use kidney beans plus tofu, jack fruit, or portobello mushrooms. Can't vouch for their yummy-ness, but at least there'd be less of the GAH! factor without some poor beast's kidney.

At any rate, 16 years should have us all celebrating with you -- Congrats!

Happy dancing...!

[Oh, dear -- Just got an image of a British bovine requesting to be a "living kidney donor" so it could avoid the slaughterhouse for a while and live a bit longer.]

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So glad it all turned out so well for you!  You give back so much.  Hugs!

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Thank you for comforting so many who are looking for needed help.Your jokes bring added joy to your sage advice to this great forum.

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thanks for being a pillar on this network of friends 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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As we say-continued good health iceman-June

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Congratulations on the milestong, Iceman.  



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You are an inspiration! Thank you for all your advice! I notice that whenever there is a new post/question on here you are the first to respond. We all appreciate you! Here's to many many many more years of NED! 



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Wow! Wonderful

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You are an inspiration to all of us! I’ll be visiting Canada the end of the month.  I’ll watch out for that kidney pie!!

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Thanks for being there

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for you and all you do...  You are a Good Man ... a very good man

Thank you for your loyality, patience and most of all your huge emphathy

Cant imagine how many people you have helped over all the years you have been here

i was one

Thank you so much ... almost one year ago I was looking for help and you were here

i thank you

 I love you.. I really do


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