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Bloating and gaining weight

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I’m 8 months post op. after surgery I weighed about 157 I’m now at 165 pounds. I’ve been working out but still feel very bloated and like I have a full belly. Anyone else have any issues with this? Been trying to watch what I eat and become more active but still feel like Im 4 months pregnant 

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I had the problem before surgery and after haha.  I've been referred to a gastroenteroligist. Talk to your GP. It might be something unrelated to the neph. Good luck to you! 


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I put on about 10-15 pounds post surgery in 2014.  Still have not lost it, despite exercising like a nut.  I don't attribute it to the surgery, but more to diet and stress, and going through periods where I do not exercise enough.

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I also gained 8 pounds since my surgery.   Depression,  anxiety chronic fatigue and quiting my job didn't help. I'm having a REALLY hard time trying to lose it. Even though I'm eating a little healthier. 


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In January 2015 I weighed 111kg. Then I started eating a low carbohydrate diet and got down to the 80s. My health improved a lot too.

I was 89kg when I had my nephrectomy in February 2017. When I got home 9 days later I was 83 kg.

Over the next 12 months I was a lot less strict with carbs and increased to 105kg. Now I'm back on a very low carb diet and down to 96kg and falling. I'm also feeling exceptionally well.

I have type 2 diabetes and therefore I have insulin resistance and am therefore very sensitive to carbohydrates in the diet.

So the lesson for me is that I need to stay on very low carbs forever.


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I was about 200lb when I was nephed almost 16 years ago. I eventually got above 240. A little weight loss 4 years ago and pnemonia 2 years ago got me down to 170. I am now back up to 180 and hope to stay there for the duration. I  will be 75 years young in 3 weeks. 




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Last year, I lost 50 lbs. on purpose. Then this year, I had the radical neph in March and I gained 30 lbs. overnight. Water weight, I guess! I had a long, complicated surgery and lost all my own blood and had 8-9 transfusions. I felt awful. But happy to be alive! And to get rid of that 12 cm monster and surrounding pieces and everything. It's in my profile. It took me awhile to lose the 30 lbs, and I have. But I still feel awful and bloated myself, 4 months later after surgery. I think we need to give it more time, perhaps. Everything takes time, so much time!!! I feel 10 months pregnant most of the time. 

Sometimes some of it is gas, I swear. So I use one Gas-X tablet (OTC) at night. I think it helps. I still feel fat. I need to lose some more weight, but don't feel nearly as good as I did before surgery in that respect.

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I  gained 15 pounds since my surgery

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I lost 50 pounds. Got down to 193 for a long time. Then it crept back up to 210. After my surgery I was 200. After a new desk job and a round of steroids, I'm 240. It seems harder to lose this time.

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