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Interesting article for any control freaks

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Just read this on Twitter today and it hit home as my husband may be starting more chemo.  Some how it relieved some stress for me.



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My name is Helen and I am a control freak....hi helen.  I am 5 years cancer free and promised myself to lighten up and I still can't deal with the loss of control and the upside downess that the chemo, rad and surgery has caused........  snaps to helen.  lol  I will read this artilce, thanks.

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Posts: 86
Joined: Mar 2017

Wink.  I am right there with you!  I hope the link works.  I can't cut and paste it from my post.  As the caregiver, I feel a total lack of control and cannot even imagine the patient's feelings of loss of control.  As I sit and watch my husband (sort of a control freak in his own right) lay on the bed with people poking and prodding him and being completely out of control of things, I am impressed! 


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an interesting article. thanks for sharing!



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Very interesting. I can relate to it. Thanks for sharing that.


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for the article, Betula. 


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I've not read the article but what you have described is an article of losing control.  It's very hard for me as I've always been in control of my direction in life, my future, my goals and when that was overturned by a diagnosis of something that was not in my future, it made me feel anxious, nervous, anxiety and scared.  I'm not one to fly either because I'm not in control.  I'm just trying to give it up to God and hope that he can control my future and let me know He's in charge.


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