Possible stomach cancer

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My almost 81 YO mother has been through all the tests - first was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung then more tests showed spots in both lymph nodes, stomach annd lung- biopsy from Lymph node showed it's a GI cancer - Her oncologist thinks it is stomach so we are headed this AM to get endoscopy then hopefully at Tuesday Dr appt we will know the full diagnosis.. she has been overall healthy all her life so this is a shock but not really too surprised as most people her age seem to get cancer..! Not many symptoms at all- besides losing weight /no appetite but that has picked back up since we found out so she was thinking it was nerves.... I've read several posts on here .. I will continue to read and try to learn what will happen next ....


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    EGD today shows an ulcer. Dr

    EGD today shows an ulcer. Dr biopsied several things so we will wait until tues to see oncologist

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    Dr called said no cancer - so

    Dr called said no cancer - so they are doing a capsule endoscopy on Monday

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    its a good news!!

    Thats a good news isn't it. I am glad your mom is fine. 


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    I was diagnosed with FAP, diagnosis given July 2009, s/p colectomy 9/2009, reconnect j-pouch 3/2010, whipple 6/26/2013.  May of 2020 went for EGD everything was free of polyps, August 2020 went for EGD/EUS everything was fine negative for polyps, October 2020 went for EUS/ERCP found many funding gland polyps in my stomach the doctor did not biopsy said "they are normal for FAP they are benign no need to biopsy or remove."  I went for annual EGD 8/4 found that my entire stomach is covered in polyps, many biopsies were taken.  The pathology report states they are adenomas.  My GI doctor said I need total gastrectomy.  I'm 36 years old a mom of an amazing 13 going on 30 year old son and I have an amazing husband.  I am looking for pointer as I now have a consult at Cleveland Clinic in October to see if I have any options as the polyps are not cancer yet.  I am scared and I really do not want my stomach taken out.