Opdivo/Yervoy side effects

Csmith823 Member Posts: 6

My dad had his first infusion of opdivo/yervoy 2 weeks ago. About five days after the infusion he began to get extremely fatigued and weak. Has anyone else experienced this with this drug combo? He didn’t have a whole lot of energy before the infusion but now his fatigue is to a whole new level.


    EBFRCC Member Posts: 23

    Sorry I can’t give you any feedback. I’m likely starting this same combo in the next couple weeks. I’ll be following this post for others’ replies.

  • Manufred
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    I did experience some fatigue when I first went on, some of it possibly emotional.  Afternoon naps helped me when needed.  Over time that diminished and I did my best to get my fitness back, walking and then swimming as much as I could fit in (between naps and work).

    I hope this is also a passing thing for your father.

    Best wishes, Fred