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Bitter food

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Researches tell that bitter food help to fight cancer. While more research is needed to test their effect on the human body, he says: “In the test tube you can stop cells dying or stop cancer cells growing by adding many of these bitter compounds.”



Radicchio. Frisee lettuce. 


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I have never been a fan of bitter foods, but I try to eat a wide variety of food.  At least the article listed some I like, including wasabi, chocolate and beer!  Plus, quercetin is one of the supplements I take, so hopefully I am covered.

Thanks for the informative posting.

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Sure, not lot of people like bitter taste but it's better to eat them and stay away from medications. Maybe de -bittering the crops bring to we don't get enough minerals  which protect our immune system and so many people get cancer. people addicted to  sweet and salted. it has been proven for a long time that all bitter taste vegetables and fruits are cancer fighters. My grannies ate them a lot and never got any cancer. 

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My integrative Oncologist just added a powder called Pectasol C to my regimen. It's made from the pith of various citrus fruits. Very bitter. I add it to a smoothie. Extremely bitter, but the smoothie hides that pretty well. This is an interesting theory. 

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