Stage 3A Endometrial Serous Carcinoma

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Hi, its my first time posting here. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3A Endometrial Serous Carcinoma 2 months ago and has already had a total hysterectomy, and now recovering from lymph node removal surgery. Doctor said people with this same cancer have a 50% survival rate, meaning out of 10 women, in 5 years 5 of them will still be alive. They removed 30 lymph nodes, and there was cancer in 2 of them. Tomorrow she has an appt to set up chemo. She's nervous about losing her hair, and the affects chemo will have on her body. She's scared about her future, and if she will make that 5 year mark.  She's 63 years old, and so far she's been feeling pretty good, besides pain after surgery. So I guess I'm just looking for anyone who has had a similar cancer, or know someone who has, that can give me any advice, stories, thoughts. Thank you


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    Hi Jackie

    I am new too.
    I am sure some of the nice ladies here with a similar diagnosis will be happy to ease your mind.
    Take care

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    Keep the Faith!

    We are all statistics of ONE, Jackie.  The statistics the doctor is referring to are subject to a lot of variables.  Your mom is young, and she has cleared the first hurdle by getting through surgery.  There are lots of stage III and IV women who are still here - I'm one of them!  I'd encourage you to love and support your mom, and bring joy into her life as much as you can.  None of us are promised tomorrow, but we can live and fight and enjoy today every day!  Chemo is challenging, but it is doable.  I'm the biggest chicken in the world, and I got through it fine.  Your mom will too.  Pray for her - that she will keep a good appetite, that her white counts will stay good, that her doctors and nurses will be attentive and adjust meds as they need to.  She will want to rest a lot - help her do that.  I firmly believe in ice mitts for hands and feet to combat neuropathy. You don't have to buy expensive ones - I made do with cold packs from Target wrapped in towels.  Using them during infusion can help!  Don't be scared -  use that energy to fight!  (Easier said than done, but it's a good goal!)

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    Keep the faith Jackie. I was

    Keep the faith Jackie. I was 62 when diagnosed with 3C clear cell which is another agressive one. As of August I will be 2 years clear and I am amazed that I have done so well. Of course losing her hair is difficult, but after awhile I found it to be somewhat freeing. Getting ready to go somewhere was much easier. Plop on a wig or a hat and go . Of all else you being there for her will be quite a comfort. Prayers for you both that you will have strength and it will all go well.

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    I was Stage 3B Serous

    Welcome. Here's to hope and good outcomes. I had surgery May 1, 2017 followed by chemo and radiation.  I am here to say it's not easy but the treatments can be tolerated by most of us. At least from what I've read here :)

    It was the scariest time at the beginning but as treatment progressed so did my outlook.  My family and I have all settled in to the idea and right now it's not nearly as scary as it was a year ago.



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    It's all in the Faith

    2008 was the first time, 2015 is the second time.  It has spread for me and have been told no cure but  Big But....each day I get up knowing we are doing all we can do it mantain it, I smile and start my day.  Yes I get tired however, I know when my body has had enough and it is rest for me.  The next day, I get up and do it again.  Gotta have that faith.

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    Highest Stage

    I was diagnosed with Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma (the old name for your mother's cancer) in March, 2010.  I had stage IVb, the highest possible stage.  My cancer was in the uterus, both ovaries, the omentum, and the small intestine.  I had no evidence of disease for 7 years after surgery and chemo.  But then I had a recurrence last year where it wrapped itself around my ascending colon and was in the peritoneum, paracolic gutter, and in the muscle near my hip.  It almost went to the bone.  I had surgery and chemo again, then had no evidence of disease a second time.  I had numbness in my right thigh then, which was my first symptom, but a neurologist mis-diagnosed me. The numbness never totally went away, but it's been getting worse again.  Also, I've had some occasional diarrhea.  I got a CA-125 done last Friday with my port flush.  It came out to 14.2, which is about 4 points higher than after my last chemo.  The oncologist acted like it was nothing, but I told his nurse that 14.2 was the same figure I had last year when my cancer started growing rapidly.  In 2 months and AFTER surgery, it was up to 129.  The oncologist decided it might be a good idea for me to have a CT scan again, and his staff is trying to get insurance approval for it.  I've been extra tired and am uncomfortable standing with a pulling sensation in my hip, so I hope they can get it.  My next follow-up is in August.  I just hope it doesn't grow as quickly as it did the last time.

    Overall, chemo wasn't terrible for me.  My worst problems with it were the hair loss, fatigue, and low blood counts with some shortness of breath.  I had blood transfusions to help with that.  I never had any nausea or vomiting because they gave me Emend to prevent it.  The best part of it was the friendliness of the chemo nurses.  It takes a special person to become a chemo nurse. Completing chemo and being free to live your life again at the end is a huge relief. 

    There are other women on here who have also survived stage IV serous cancers, a few with no recurrences.  They're not on here a lot, but they are out there.  Tell your mother to just take it day by day, relax as much as possible, and report any unusual symptoms to your oncologist.  It can be a rocky road, but it's doable.

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    Jackie 1202, I am one of those 5 who have survived

    for- well - almost five years after being diagnosed with stage 3a Uterine (Papillary) Serous carcinoma. It will be 5 yesrs in less than 4 months. I am sorry to hear that you and your Mom are dealing with this disease. I was 60 when I was diagnosed and I am now 65 and newly retired. After my hysterectomy, I received 6 rounds of taclitaxel (also called taxol) and carboplatin. The Taxol caused neuropathy in my toes and balls of my feet and it also caused bone pain in my back. My neuropathy has never subsided. Your Mom should talk to her gyn oncologist about reducing these symptoms, such as taking vitamin B12 and using ice. Chemo was doable- I worked full-time throughout my chemo treatment. It is important, I think, to exercise regularly, eat a Mediterranean diet and get plenty of rest. I also believe that the healthier you are going into this treatment the greater your chance of long term survival. My cancer has not returned.

    I wish for you and your Mom all the blessings in the world. Please keep us posted on how your Mom is doing. The beginning of this diagnosis is the most frightening time of all. It will become less terrifying as your Mom begins treatment.


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    Jackie, what can I say that

    Jackie, what can I say that hasn't been said by all the wonderful women before me?  Please share all this information with your mom.  She is very lucky to have you seeking help and you have found THE place for that information and support. 

    It is all very overwhelming, but we are all here for the both of you.  Please let us know what questions she has and let us know how she is doing. 

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    There is hope!!  I was 63

    There is hope!!  I was 63 when I was diagnosed with Stage II (oncologist's best guess since he did not sample any lymph nodes), Grade 3, UPSC.  The statistics for UPSC are dismal but they're old. New treatments are being developed all the time - Sandra just posted some information on a new one.  I only made it through three of the prescribed six chemos and, knock-on-wood, I'm still NED almost three years later.  



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    Stage 1 grade 3 Serous Endometri Carcinoma

    I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and on my post surgery follow up was told  by my surgeon I need chemo and radiation since mine is serous , I’m not sure what to do my sister in law is a nurse and says I should get another opinion 

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    I am a 3a - 5 year survivor of UPSC

    I was diagnosed in June, 2013, had surgery in July and started Chemo. in Aug. 2013.  I have been NED ever since.  These wonderful ladies have given you alot of encouragement.  Keep reading this site and you will gain a wealth of information.

    Brockey, I hope that you have been able to get some answers.  Just make sure you are satified with the answers and it is YOU that makes the ultimate decision on your health.