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I was googling to see the nutrition of cinnamon since I was craving it. Do y'all think their is any truth to the tests with colon cancer? I saw lots of articles, but not from "reputable" sources.


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I'm not sure about cravings about certain things but know exactly what you are talking about.  There are sometimes when our mind just craves things and we don't know the reason why.  During treatment my craving was for windmill cookies and couldn't find them anywhere, but after searching every store finally found them and ate them and my body felt better - and my mood.  I've not heard a connection with cinnamon and cancer studies but if it sounds good - go for it.


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Try searching the terms "cancer" or "colon cancer" and cinnamon on pubmed.

Here's one article for you: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4488098/

Recently, the antitumor activity of Cinnamon (肉桂 ròu guì) has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of several human cancer cell lines including breast, leukemia, ovarian, and lung tumor cells.17

It is well known that metastasis, one of the major causes of mortality in cancer, involves cell adhesion, invasion, and migration. In one study, the effect of CE on the migration of SiHa (human cervical tumor) cells was examined. The result showed that cinnamon significantly reduced the migration of cancer cells, demonstrating its potential use as an anticancer drug in cervical cancer.17 CE, which contains a mixture of polyphenols together with cinnamaldehyde as the major bioactive component, plays a therapeutic role in cervical cancer cells by depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane potential, resulting in cellular apoptosis.17

In another study, CE was shown to inhibit the growth of hematologic tumor cells. Moreover, the treatment of melanoma cell lines with CE also induced a decrease in Cox-2 and HIF-1α expression in the tumor tissues that mediate the potent antitumor activity of cinnamon. Cox-2 and HIF-1α are well known as master regulators in cancer progression to aggravate angiogenesis and metastasis.18

If you crave it, and there is no indication it can harm you, go for it!  I have cinnamon on my fresh fruit and yogurt every morning.

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i plan on getting some to sprinkle on morning coffee. it can't hurt. also upping my fruit game too. I will try to live normal now, but i deep down am terrified of recurrence, so doing what I can. i did complete chemo.

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