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Having my hysterectomy on Tuesday

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it has now been over two months since I was diagnosed. After tests on my pancreas and colon (long story) which all proved to be benign, i am now ready for the surgery. I was so scared at first, now, I have left this in the hands of God or fate. I am no longer afraid and will take this one step at a time. Tuesday it is. one week later, I will know the stage. I am ready to fight this and may the best (wo)man win.

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Keep us updated.  The fight is one we fight together on here.  Will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

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I will say a few prayers for you!!!  I found that the hysterectomy was easier than I anticipated.  Waiting for final diagnosis is a bit harder.  Think positive!  Praying it is stage 1, grade 1!  Just remember to heed the advice that you can find on this board to take with you to the hospital - Gas-X, Belly Binder and pillow.  This advice was a game changer for me.  The Gas-X especially because that was the most troubling problem for me even a few weeks after surgery.  Also, the Doctor will tell you know lifting for 6 weeks (even with robotic surgery), don't think you are all healed when you are feeling better and try lifting anything heavy.  You don't want a hernia on-top of everything else.  I also tried not to take the hard drugs but relinguished after 8 hours -- boy was I stupid not to take it immediately.  I stayed pretty comfortable with Percocet and slept alot - which is what you need to heal!

Good luck!!!

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Fraussie, I've been away from the board for a while so didn't see whether you are having a robotic or open hysterectomy.  I can speak to the first one and let you know that I had an extremely positive experience.  The hardest part was remembering not to lift anything, even a bottle of laundry detergent, a carton of milk or my kitchen chair at dinnertime.  Wishing you the best!  I was very scared and found literally all of my fears to be unfounded.  

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