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Post surgery update, no pathology yet

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I had the radical hysterectomy plus other tissues, as well as rebuilding  of left abdominal wall, on june 14th.  The surgeon was unable to locate left ovary, tube, lymph nodes as my entire left abdominal cavity s rock hard and atrophied.  The more he tried, the more it bled requiring blood transfusions.  I have a central incision from bottom of sternum to top of pelvis. Due to one complication after another, i even went hours post surgery with no pain control.  in the days following surgery i coded twice and had ongoing heart issues. I finally came home yesterday evening after 9 days in hospital and am more bedridden than not, but I am doing well and have a positive outlook.  Some health issues were attended to that I’d been saying i had and doctors disagreed. Now everyone is on the same page and i’m being treated appropriately so this is a good thing.  The doctors won’t give me any pathology info until july 3 appt, which is frustrating, but I‘ve waited this long.  The gyn onc partner i taled to said they were putting together a treatment plan, but all along, including to my daughter after surgery, they’ve indicated it was found so early no further treatment was needed.  So i am just focusing on healing and regaining strength and letting that part be for now.

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Gildedrose, reading your post I woulld agree with you on your immediate attention on focusing on healing and getting strong.  There will be plenty of time for the gyn onc.

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Oh my goodness, you've had such a rough time, and waiting always sucks. I'm so glad you're being taken seriously on your other issues now,  and keeping your chin  up.

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What an awful experience you had. I wish you an uneventful recovery and good news on July 3. 

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Wow, you have been through a lot. Sometimes we have to reach down to pick up one foot and put it in front of the other, other times we may need to ask others to help us. One foot in front of the other isn't always easy.  Good for you that you are getting up and around even if it's just a bit.      feet      

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I am so sorry for your experience Frown
My journey starts next week with my hysterectomy!
Take care and heal well

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