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The Sword of Damocles

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Donna Faye
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I am waiting (since 22 May) for a biopsy on another tiny bump because the doctors are hoping the pelvic radiation will have killed the cancer but want to be sure. As a retired teacher of literature, I am reminded of the story of Damocles, who thought if he was powerful and rich, life would be easy. Much to his surprise, when he sat in the king's chair, he noticed a sword hanging over his head by a single horsehair. Oh my, he said, let me return to my own station. Damocles, like all of us, has learned that life is fraught with many events and we must find our own way of dealing with them.  

On July 3, I will have the biopsy and have been trying to think positive in this 6 weeks wait. Some days are easier than others as we all get frustrated by the waiting game that cancer makes us endure.  Patience is a hard teacher for one who has always been in control and could manage most anything. 

Being able to go to this board and read all of your stories has meant so much. I have felt less alone within the sisterhood of ones who are traveling this road.  Yes, I have a wonderful family whose support has been fantastic, and friends that could not be more supportive, but somehow, within this group, I have found more peace. So, like today, when my patience is waning, I go to this site and am strengthened by your courage and honesty.

So, just a shout out to each of you who take the time to read and answer or question... we are the champions; the mistresses of our fate and the captains of our lives. Carry on!!

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Thanks for the uplifting message today, Donna Faye!  And we shall carry on, one day at a time. Hugs to you fellow warrior!

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Good morning Donna Faye, What a great piece of literature. Thank you for sharing! I must admit I don’t recall this story from my education. It is very thought provoking. I totally agree with you that this discussion board offers support in a unique way when hearing from others who have traveled the same or similar path. The wait for biopsy results is agonizing. Your positive attitude is so valuable. Please share any other literature that you find helps express the journey we are on as we fight everday to overcome or manage or prevent cancer from destroying our lives. Your hard earned knowledge of literature can bring comfort to others. You have a gift in your knowledge of literature. ((Hug)) Grace and peace to you...


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You're such an inspiration, and I have appreciated your "can-do" attitude!

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Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Best thoughts and hopes for you as you wait for whatever is still coming around the corner. I had stage 1a, grade 3 UPSC and sincerely hope that surgery and chemo had the final word, but I still get a bit anxious when I have various aches and pains or when I visit my gyn oncologist every six months now. Thank you for your illustrative story. Keep up your positive attitude; it helps all of us.

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