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I'm new...2weeks post partial nephrectomy

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Sooooo... This recovery is rough... Found out about my tumor in late April, they removed "the passenger" two weeks tomorrow.  Pain comes and goes, I've tried off and on pain meds but as I've got 3&2 year old kids I'm a bit scared to mask the pain and over do it- can't turn off being a Mom and this is heartbreaking to not be able to.  Anyone else have numbness in knee or leg at this point?  I had a robotic proceedure and have got six holes plus the "Frankenstein" aka larger incision where they took it out.  They're all dry and ok looking as possible, the drainage hole is what it is but is not angry or hot or red.  I keep thinking I'm ok but then I realise that I'm very much still in recovery and healing mode.  Feel like I'm six months pregnant with a giant fart that has no route out, breaking out in a full sweat after a few minutes of light activity.

Glad I found this site, it's all bad enough having to sleep in a giant bed alone because my hubby sleeps like a tornado.  But trying to talk about the pain and worry is just upsetting and as we all know crying/laughing/hiccuping/etc is just beyond excruciating at this point and simply not an option.


They kept me in hospital for a week due to blood loss during the surgery and my hemoglobin was at 69 when released... Stable at 69 but pretty much half my normal.  Any suggestions for foods to be eating? ...


I'm 39 and healthy - I got lucky- 


I'm a mom, wife, etc etc etc... Any suggestions for recovery nutrition, little milestones to keep an eye for, acupuncture, pain mitigation, knee numbness, I'd be ever so grateful...

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Welcome to the club which no one in their right mind would volunteer to join. Barring the unexpected the first 2 weeks are the worst. Everyday should get a little better with maybe a bad day in between. That was me almost 16 years ago.





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Thanks for the support, every bit helps!

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Hi.  Walk, and walk more.  Drink plenty of water.  Try to not overdo it with lifting the children.  That has to be hard.  You seem to have the right mindset.  Every day will get better.  Don't be afraid to call your doctor's office if the incisions do not heal.  I had an open procedure and my scare healed quite quickly.  But we are all different.

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Thanks! So pushing the walking is key? Good to know, is that for the gas or just overall speeding up recovery? I feel like I've still got shoulder pain from the gas although if you had an open proceedure you might've had bad gas pains-here's to hoping you got spared.  We're up away from family, from Newfoundland living in Ontario, so all the support is really appreciated.  I'll heed the advice and up the walking. Thanks!

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I sooo understand having small children and recovering from surgery. I had my open partial neph in January.  I had my almost 2 year old and 5 year old at the time. My "almost" 2 yr old is such a momma's boy he just wanted to to do everything, pick him up, climb on me etc... I did have my mother in law stay with us for a couple weeks after my surgery to help out. I hope you have someone to help to?? I had my husband home but... You know.. He just let his mom do everything lol. Anyway, it DOES get easier, trust me. I to was afraid to take my oxycodone and I asked to be put on tramadol so I'm not soo spacey. What type of RCC did u have? Or the stage, grade, all that stuff. Just curious. We are all definitely here for your support! If you have any questions feel free to PM me to. Give your kiddos a hug and know this is all temporary. 

Take care,


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Thanks for the reply, we're from Newfoundland and living up away in Ontario so family flew in for the first couple of weeks in shifts, my mom's doctor so she was sitting beside at the hospital where I was lucky to have her considering the lack of communication between surgical team and nurses... Anyways, my dad's just gone home yesterday and I feel a bit anxious now being without the help but I'm sure we'll get by.  I spoke often to the youngsters about Mom's extra lump the doctors would take out so they're pretty ok with it all, I down played it and made it normal, no big deal, and it seems to have worked...time will tell on that one lol.  I took a kick in the gut today changing a dutyd diaper and thought I'd pass out, yay mom life. 

They suspect stage1 or 2rcc but I won't have to pathology untill follow up mid July.  It was golf ball ish sized but completely hidden within my kidney...aka doc was cutting into what looked like a normal kisney, they had intra-operation ultra sound to find it proper.  Turns out my kidney had an extra blood vessel that they hadn't expected and though it caused a lot of blood loss, they allowed it to go as it was feeding my kidney during the operation and otherwise I would have lost the kidney. I got lucky, great surgeon, extra blood vessel, salvaged kidney, he says he's never been"that deep into one" and kept it.  

I'm off the heavy meds and on 3 tylenol at a time, it works well enough... In other news my two kids got sick over the weekend, then I caught it, went to doctor, yup, scarlet fever, yay for petri dish that is daycare.  I've got some skin lifting around the incision sites but themselves are just fine.

Thanks again for the support, it all helps!

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Like Iceman said, the first two weeks are the worst.  I had a radical neph with a little complication (nicked artery) in mid February.  Four months later, I'd say I'm at least back to 95% if not more.  I'll still have days where it feels like someone unplugged me or where I did too much and I feel it...but overall, I'm still vertical and doing okay.  Your mileage may vary, but I bet you'll start noticing some significant postive changes in the next few weeks.  It's hard to do with two little ones, but try to rest as much as you can.  Not pushing too hard in the early days is pretty important.

Best wishes!


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It takes a while to get back to normal and with two young kids I can't even imagine how tiring it must be. Throw in your anemia and it's amazing that you're functioning as well as you are. I was told to take 2 slo FE iron tablets a day to bring my hemoglobin up. Check with your doctor if you're iron deficient and whether you should take this. It helped tremendously. All the best to you!

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Our family-it truly is one.  Please remember your body has been thru a big shock, your organs a little sluggish after the anesthesia ,it takes time to come back to normal, give it time, it'll all come together with g-ds help.  You have to make sure to get a good night sleep ( no matter how) it'll make a world of a difference in your healing and your general outlook-Wishing you a relaxing recovery and continued good health-June

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I'm glad you found us!  At the top right of your screen you'll see "Search CSN content" . If you cleck that you can search content from this site that will be most helpful.  I remember doing that when I first "joined the club".  I spent hours reading old post about my current questions.  Remember--if you can't find a threat to a question that you have, please, please start a post and we'll help as much as we can.  This forum is full of caring, compassionate people that will support you.

As far as your question about walking--yes, it is key.  Especially in the early stages of your recovery.  As you heal you'll start to feel you can walk further and more rigorously.  This low impact activity does wonders for your well-being.  Concerning the stage of your cancer--do you know the size of your tumor?  

Wishing you all the best in your recovery.


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I would agree to try and walk as much as possible without overdoing it. You will feel better as time goes by. All the best to you.

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