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2 years down

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I had my 2 year scans this morning (well--I was diagnosed in July 2016, but this is close enough) and met with a doctor from the surgical team this afternoon--everything is clear.  They have made the recommendation to move to annual scans and I agreed.  I feel completely overwhelmed with joy and excitement about the NED, but also extremely thankful for all of you that have been part of my journey.  I honestly don't think I could have made it this far without your knowledge and support.

Eternally grateful,



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   It's always GREAT to hear good news like yours! 

Take Care and GOD BLESS,



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Mighty Frog
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The Best and Great News! Congratulation! Keep it up!

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That is fabulous news! I am so happy for you.

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Great news! 

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hope all you ever see is neds, good luck.

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----in the double digits before you know it.





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so happy for you  .. a year to breathe  and live again

Lead the way.. I will follow you... I hope



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Awesome news!!!

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Good news, good news indeed!!!

congratulations my friend. Time to tune the dogs up and knock the cobwebs out of the barrels for pheasant season now. 

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Congrats on NED!!!!

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations Stub and thanks for helping so many here!

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Great news! I just found out from your info that you had thyroid cancer as well! Wishing NEDs to come for ghem both!


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Congratulations on the report. Your posts help us a lot. Hoping the good news spreads.

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Great news!! Congratulations.  NED is the best friend of many, and hopefully we can all share NED and the good feelings that NED brings us.  I have known NED for almost 4 years now (since July 2014), and I have grown to appreciate and like NED more each year.  I hope to see NED on August 1 again. 

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I hope uncle NED comes to visit you on August 1

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Friday will be my two year. I think two years is a funny place to be. Your don't feel like your out of the woods, but it still feels fresh in your mind. Glad yours went well.

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Hello Stub

Congratulations . Enjoy life


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Stub - you go brother!  Happy for you.  Reading this is a great way to start my Wednesday.

Hoping NED visits you each and every year.



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So happy for you, hope for many more NED reports to come year after another

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Couldn't be happier for you-continued good health to you and ALL here-June

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I mean it---with heartfelt gratitude.


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So happy for you. Congrats !!!! 

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Congratulations! I was diagonise in Jul 2016 as well. It is like a milestone of the journey! Party time Stub!

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Bay Area Guy
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Good deal stub!

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Glad your news is  GReaaaaaat.


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and here’s to many more Neds!

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Stub, as a newbie chromie this is exciting and awesome news! I have my first post op scan 6/27 hoping to follow in your footsteps of many many many years of NED! 

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Prime--if I remember right you had your surgery last month, right?  How is recovery going?  Your tumor was fairly small--still stage 1 with clear margins.  I'll put a bet down that uncle NED will visit you next week.

Thanks for your comment and encouragement.


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Coolness, man. That's great news!

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Really happy to hear that news.  I feel relived for you!

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Hi, Stub -- I'm a bit late to the party, but glad to hear your good news. I'm looking forward to getting off the 6 month schedule, but then where my surgery was delayed, I'm 6 months behind you. All the best!

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Sorry I missed this somehow! I'd also like to wish you all things good and CONGRATS on the great news!! We need to hear it!!! Good going, Stub. SO SO SO happy for you.

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Bay Area Guy
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Joined: Jun 2016

Good deal stub.  Seems like we had our operations within weeks of each other.  Mine was July 16, 2016.

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