Got another NED today....

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Thats 18 months now since my last lung surgery in Jan of 2017. Good luck to everyone.


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    May you have 80 more years NED. 

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    It is good to hear another

    It is good to hear another NED from you! Lots more to come!

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    Good news ned!

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    daisybud said:


    Good news ned!


    keep up the good fight!

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    I've been waiting

    Awesome!!  I've been waiting to hear your results, Hd.  My scans are Tuesday morning and I meet with the doctor around 2:00.  I'm hopeful that I'll get to continue this NED run.


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    Still learning, congratulations

    Sorry read it wrong, congratulations

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    Congrats - I'm still riding high from mine.  Prayers and best wishes to Stub and others who are coming up soon.  

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    Wow Now Then

    So happy for you

     cant Think how worried you must have been when you were getting those mets

    But keep it Them who is boss




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    Wonderful news

    Wonderful news

    Lots more  NED reports to come

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    What abgreat news!

    What abgreat news!