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Renal cell carcinoma

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<p>I have RCC had a kidney removed in 2015 it came back in 2018 on my right lung now it’s stage 4 cancer just started immune therapy I hope this work. What is the life expectancy for this cancer</p>

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looking for any advice

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Sorry to hear about your reoccurrence.  To answer your question--I don't think anybody really knows.  With so many new drugs out there (and new ones being approved) the survival rate continues to increase.  I'm sure you've looked through the data on Google.  Most of that information is outdated and really paints a poor picture for long-term prognosis.  We have stage 4 members here that have had durable responses from drugs.  Others that have been able to remove reoccurrence cancer through surgery.  Everybody's journey is a little different.  I'm hopeful the drug you are on works great for you.

I've read your my space page, and was wondering the subtype of RCC you had.

Good luck!





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Was there a reason they chose not to surgically remove it from your lung? Was it all in one lobe ( I read your profile), if so they could have removed that lobe or done multiple wedge resections possibly. Surgery is as close of a cure as there is. See my profile, Ive had it in both lungs, good luck.

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They removed the lobe off my right lung and the 4 others on my left lung they are gonna watch they were to small to remove is what they told me. 

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My details are in my profile on this site.  Immunotherapy offers great promise for some, hopefully including you. 

Best Wishes.

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