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I apologize for not being active lately. This exhaustion is kicking my behind (but all is well). I read Fox's post and I just wanna say....I would love for you all to encourage him the best you can on here. No matter how terrible he has felt he has always been here for us. He has used wisdom and humor and is just amazing. Fox.... we cherish you and hope you get better each day (even if it is baby steps). I wish we could give back to you what you have given to us. Much love my friend....stay strong xoxo

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I’m super worried about him! He’s a tough bird for sure but I don’t like not knowing how he is doing!

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Good to see you, Kat.  Last I checked, Fox had checked in on us yesterday.  He's watching how we are doing and giving us that no-nonsense advice (without typing it).  I know Fox would appreciate Private Messages too. 

This is a great thread, Annissa.  You are a special person completely full of compassion--thanks for all you do.  


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Hey Stub! Yep, I’m still around and check in often. I often want to comment but I’m always unsure when I will be logging in again exactly so I feel bad offering advice if I can’t respond. I do wish we had some personal emails of each other sometimes. 

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Yes Ive been thinking of him too. Heck, I think about everyone here.

Kat.....good to see you drop in and Anissa, I see dancing on Instagram. 

I wish I had that kinda moves. Lol

Anyway.....Pam and I are off to New Orleans bright and early in the .a.m. and we are gonna do our best to meet up with Tapman so they can share war stories. Lol

Best wishes to all.

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Posts: 179
Joined: Feb 2016

Hey hey! How is your wife?!  And what is this dancing I’m hearing about Anissa?

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Joined: Mar 2017

Thanks so much for asking, she’s doing well. Had her second set of clear scans back in March. 

How bout you? 

If you have Instagram Anissa posts vids of her and her son dancing.....All I can say is they both have some serious skills.

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I think Fox is reading our posts. He told me it is hard for him to type with one finger. Still... he tries.

So send him emails or posts on the discussion forum that would be encouraging and remain connected to him. 

Hugs, Jan

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Stay Strong Fox!

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Fox has definitely been on my mind. Thank you for starting this thread Anissa.

Hope everyone is well!

Hugs Cin 

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Back when I was scared as hell in January before my surgery on Feb 26, Fox was one of those pillars from this community who helped me so much. Heck, just that pic of his shows he's a badass and one tough SOB! It was so appreciated, as is all support from here. We all have our insecurities and fears, mine tend to take on life of their own during pockets of times, and it's always nice to sit down and type, knowing I will get some quicker picker uppers from such great people. Fox....be that badass. Kick the living crap out of whatever is going on. 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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We are all rooting for you-rest up and feel better-June

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FOX, FOX, FOX !!!!!!

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You've got this, Foxy! Thinking of you and sending good karma your way xo

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Fox is always here for each and every one of us, now it's time to give him back all the courage and strength we've received from his words.


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thanks for starting this thread and Fox, we know you are reading these posts; as you can tell, you are a BIG part of our board and you are MISSED!!!

i am thinking of you and signing on frequently to check on you.

KARMA back at ‘ya


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Fox, praying for you now and hope you recovering well. This is just a road block, please stay strong, there is a long straight road in front of you :)

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Hey, Fox - Prayers, karma, incantatiions, light, energy - whatever you need, all headed your way today - as every day - you are on my mind.  We're all holding on to you.  Take care

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Hey Fox,

Just wanted to add my well wishes for you, also. The short time I've been here, you're a real advocate for the rest of us. Hope things are looking up soon and hang with us!! Miss seeing your badass picture every day!!

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Fox, you have had many awesome words of wisdom. Prayers and good Karma for you.


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Fox, feel better. Remember all the jokes that Gary use to post every week? They always made us laugh. But you always made me smile! Love you, get well soon!


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