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I'm done!

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I'm done with chemo and radiation! It began to feel like I'd never finish sometimes. I still need a ct scan and then have radioactive iodine or surgery to get rid of the hot nodule that is causing subclinical hyperthyroidism. But at least I'm done with chemo and radiation!! Now I'm back to running and gardening again.

Has anyone taken progesterone to keep from getting a recurrence of cancer? I know some have taken progesterone  for a recurrence so it would make sense to me to take a lower dose for prevention but I haven't heard of people doing that. My doctor is doing some research to see whether it is a good idea. I had an estrogen based cancer, stage 3a, grade 2.

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That's an interesting question.  I know that even when it does work, it often stops working after a while. So I wonder if you "waste" hour chance if you use it too early.

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Ding! Ding! Ding! I'm glad you are feeling so happy and ready to get back to living your life and doing the things that you enjoy.

I'm a stage 3a, grade 3 (high risk for recurrence because of the grade) adenocarcinoma with 90% mild to moderate progesterone receptors. My gyn onc. waited about 6 weeks after treatment to start me on megestrol acetate 80mg morning and night and I remain NED for almost 2 years now. I'm also on metformin which also helps strengthen or re-activate progesterone receptors.

I know Cheese Queen is on it too and it's working to keep her recurrance at bay, but I don't know her dose. It's an appetite stimulant, so you have to watch what you eat closer and it makes you more susceptable to the sun, too. Other than that, I actually feel better than I ever did with all of the excess estrogen I had to deal with all of my life. No mood issues, breast tenderness, or anything like that.

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I‘m on same dose 80mg twice a day. I just wish my oncologist had given it to me earlier and perhaps I wouldn’t have had a reoccurrence 8 months after frontline treatment. She’s leaving Fox Chase and I’ll have a new one so considering transferring my care to Penn. I gained about 15 pounds but it seems to have stabilized and I figure better fat then dead. There’s also in increase for blood cots. I’m already on Eliquis because of a stroke so hopefully it’s protecting me. So far so good. I have my next scan in July. Congrats On finishing frontline treatment. 

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Thank you all. I was put on progesterone (provera) 10mg when I first started to bleed last year. We thought I was pre menopause. It stopped the bleeding until I had the biopsy. So it makes sense to me that being on progesterone is helpful, especially as I was low on it even when I was trying to get pregnant and I ended up on Clomid. So we'll see what the Dr thinks. I have an appointment with her later this month and she said we'd discuss it then. I'm due for a scan in early July, but that'll be my last one unless I have a symptom or they find something in a physical exam. 

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After my first recurrence in 2012 I was put on high dose progesterone; 200 mg Provera twice a day.  You can't get Provera here in the USA above 10 mg tabs.  But when I returned to the USA in 2014 I got an endocrinologist who preferred Provera specifically because of Megace's weight gain issue.  I remained in remission for 5 years until my second recurrence, which was treated with chemo.  It is not known what the lowest therapeutic dose of progesterone is, but I tolerated the 400 mg daily.  It did, however, put my adrenal gland into permanent slumber (bc the progesterone is a steroidal variety and it will send a message to the (I'm drawing a blank) that it does not need to tell the adrenal to produce cortisol.  Without a functioning adrenal you have to then be on steroids for the rest of your life, but docs don't consider that a big deal.  You do need to wear a Medic Alert medallion bc if you get in an accident or a get a bad flu you need IV cortisone to avoid going into fatal shock.  But all that said, it did keep me in remission for some years.  If your tumor tested positive for progesterone receptors, you might be willing to give it a try.  My histology at original dx was endometrioid adenocarcinoma, Stage IC, Grade 2.  I also know of the studies that suggest Metformin may rejuvenate worn out progesterone receptor status.  I am on a baby dose of Metformin now and hope to convince my new gyn onc or PCP to raise the cancer-prevention therapeutic dose of Metformin to 1500-1800 mg per day.  That is the dose used in the clinical trials that pair metformin with various chemo cocktails such as Carboplatin/Taxol.  Good luck with your post-chemo journey and with your decision about these other drugs.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Congratulations on completing your chemo and radiation. True valor! Yes, enjoy gardening (wear gloves) and other simple joys of normal life. So very happy for you!!!!


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It's a crazy road, and you did it!!

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