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jpeg images

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In case anyone wants to post jpeg or png images in their comments...

zThere are two ways... upload using an image hosting site, or upload using CSN's file uploader.

Images stored on your device would gave to be uploaded to an image hosting site. Photobucket and Flickr were the most widely recognized, but they have become cumbersome to use.

My new favorite is www.imgbb.com ... you hit the upload button, choose the image from your image files, then when uploaded, click/copy one of the links.

Then go to the post on this forum and click the tree in the box in the tool panel above, and paste the code link into the URL address box. You may have to trim the address down to the http....jpeg:

 <a href="https://ibb.co/c3pEHo"><img src="https://thumb.ibb.co/c3pEHo/10023256_1_1.jpg" alt="10023256_1_1" border="0"></a>

would have to be trimmed to:


Just put anything in the other boxes...


Voila... my Widma Carbide Grinder.

(I'm not named Grinder for nothing) 

 If you want to copy an image from the internet, take a screenshot and store in your files... just make sure it is not a copyrighted image.

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Second way is to upload using the icon next to the image address box...

Click on the tree box, then click on the icon next to image URL box.

When the new page comes up, click on the Upload button at the upper left. Then when the choose a file box comes up, click and select the image file from your device.

Then hit the upload button in the box and your file will appear to the right. Then X-out the upload box. Click on the file name on the right and it will turn blue, click on the upper left INSERT FILE button and it will load the http...jpeg address into the URL box. Proceed as before in #1.

Edited... I should have included the Insert File button.

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it's about the same...

The CSN uploader is a little more complicated, but you have to trim the URL address from the image hosting site... so I guess it's a wash.

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Second try:

Vasco da Gama

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VASCO: You sure are a good looking fellow!

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Yes, Vasco is a hell of a good-looking man.  Curious where he got that suit, however.  Vatican tailors perhaps ?


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Might want to trim the beard a little Vasco...............................LOL

Dave 3+4

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Thanks for the Upload info, Grinder. I used to cut-and-paste stuff easily here, until I upgraded to Windows 10. Now, nothing will make links that I attach here work. I will follow your instuructions exactly and hope for success.

Deliverance (the movie) was filmed about 40 miles from my house, on a river that formes the upper part of the SC/Georgia border, coming out of the Smokey mountains.   Specifically, the Chattooga, although in the film the river has a fictious name. It is still an extremely remote, undeveloped area today.  My brother trout fishes the area (actually another creek near by) usually at least once annually. Various subsequent country music songs have incorporated the term 'Chattooga.'  Wilderness camping sites are available.  Amazing hiking, but tough, too tough for me to make. Not for amatures.  When you are out there, you are out there.  The site he uses is tent only, no RVs allowed.  Actually, there is virtually nothng for about 20miles in any direction from there.  A few two-lane roads, an occasional Hamlet.  It is above Wahalla, SC, and below Highlands, NC. Even driving the area makes you feel like you are in 1700.

Beware banjo music indeed.  Joke banjo bumper stickers are still very popular here; things like Speed up -- I hear banjos !


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I was hoping someone caught the reference. That was Burt Reynolds and Jon Voights career catapults. And unfortunately for Ned Beatty as well.

Favorite quote when Ned Beatty tried to be a smart guy with the riverbilly...

 "You dont know nothin'!"

 Speed up - I hear banjos... LaughingLoL!

Sounds like you live in a good area for survivalism.


Practicing #2

FYI... I should have included the "Insert Button" in #2 method... now corrected.

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