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Dry Night

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Well, my RP was on 3/20/2018; catheter out 3/29/2018, when I got up this morning the pad was dry.  I even let my wife check to make sure I was not dreaming.  This is a first for my journey.  Completely dry after a night.  I have been wearing the pad and jockey/boxer underwear during the day (except when I am outside cutting grass; chipping wood; getting the camper ready; etc.).  Feel pretty good about that.  Looks like my body is getting itself together (I had RP; bladder neck reconstruction, and 8 pelvic lymph nodes removed).  I will be 68 in September.  My pre-op RP PSA was 4.42 ng/ml.  My post op PSA test will be done in July and see the doctor 3 August.  I have not and will not let this "bandit" steal my joy.  Smile, I am.

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Congratulation on the fact. Probably you can now get a little wet. How about a celebration with a crate of Budweiser's?

Best wishes for more good news.


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Thanks.  I am getting there.  How about a crate of Grolsch beer?

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Congrats on your latest success, hope for many more.  I think it helps in your recovery if you keep a positive mental attitude even during the dark times.

Dave 3+4

Old Salt
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This calls for a celebration with something better than Budweiser! 

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Congratulations! Nice progress so far.

I don’t know if I would celebrate with beer but Apfelstrudel would be good for me.

Aniway, good mileston to celebrate.


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That's awesome. I'm 8 months in and an almost there myself. A lot longer but a good feeling just the same!

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