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CEA 1.2 and incision question

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so crazy excited over this! After 8 years my husband is at this moment cancer free! So HAI pump chemo starts in a week. They keep saying no side effects but we are both skeptical. Anyway he is 3 days from 6 weeks post surgery and he has two spots that won’t heal on his insicion. We have to pack them and cover them still, the Dr says they look good but has anyone ever had this happen? I see very minimal improvements on this. Also, he is having lots of pain and tightness in his abdomen. neither of us remember this with the last surgery. It seems to resolve during the night, comes back in the afternoon. He is obviously uncomfortable and I can see it in his posture and face. I am starting to really wonder if he is ever going to feel good again.

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That is great news about the CEA.  Remember that when more incisions are made in the ab it's harder to heal.  It took me twice as long after hernia surgery than initial surgery.  Open wounds can sometimes cause major problems and make sure you discuss this at length with the doctor (like you are doing) and ask for recommendations and if they need to take further steps.  Was just thinking of you today and wondering how things are going.  Sorry to hear about the unhealing incisions.  Scar tissues can become a big problem over time - also let the doctor know about the pain.  Hope he continues to improve.


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Hi Ruth - Not sure my incision experience is relevant but I had an ileostomy reversal surgery that required packing and covering and it took longer to heal than I anticipated.  The inside wound healed faster than the side external wound. The result was the new inside skin pushed through new external side skin causing additional bleeding and healing.  My home care nurse said it wasn't unusual.  I also had pain and tightness in my abdomen which I was told was nerve ending pain. Later, I had more pain after I thought I was healed and my oncologist told me it was scar tissue starting to age. For what it's worth... hope your hubby feels better soon...


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That is a great CEA. 

I had four abdominal surgeries through the same incision (not Cancer related), and twice had to pack the wound for weeks before it would heal. The only advice I have on that is the usual, healthy food. I presume he doesn't smoke. Smoking inhibits healing. 

As for the incision, as mentioned above, the more surgery in the same place the more scar tissue.  

Scar tissue can hurt, but your husband's discomfort sounds like it could be more than that. Certainly talk to his surgeon about it and don't leave until the answers satisfy. 

I wish it were all an easier ride. 


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I did not have trouble with the incisions healing, but I certainly have had pain and discomfort.  It was particularly intense after the surgery but got better incrementally, to where I can function normally (sit-ups and so forth) but I still do have occassional discomfort.  It takes time.  As always, ask the doctor about this.

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