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Waiting again

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Well I just had my routine 3 month CT scan and it wasn’t clean. I now have a new 9mm groundglass opacity in my left lung and several new 3-4 mm nodules in my right lung.  I had a bad bout of bronchitis 7 months ago and at Least 2 CTs since then which did not show these new areas. Report says no reoccurance in chest, abdomen or pelvis although I assume it’s because the new areas are still so small. To small to biopsy I guess. LDH is increased from my last 2 tests, but still in the normal range. The pulmonologist isn’t concerned yet, my oncologist is slightly, but also said she isn’t sure what to make of it.   I have NO symptoms. I kinda wish I could say I had a bad cold again.  Repeat CT in 2 months (right before my sons wedding) so the worry and wait starts again.  Darn it! 


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Hello Sharon,

I'm sorry you've got this new worry... Is it at all possible that this is some sort of scarring? I believe Max has written about having scarred lungs as a result of treatments, and if I remember correctly, you've had quite intensive treatments yourself.

Whatever it is, it seems to be very small for now, and I guess it is encouraging that you have no signs at all. Here's hoping it's just a blip!


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Sharon, PBL is correct.  I have had two lung issues: Fibrosis, about 20% loss of lung volume to scarring. But I also, about 4 years ago, had a nodule detected in one lung.  As I recall, it never got above around 4mm.  I learned from the pulmonologist that even if the nodules do not increase in size at all, there is a two-year tracking protocol.  I had to have CTs to check for the following two years, I do not recall exactly how frequently.

My nodule also had never been detected before.  Most, even new ones, are benign. Mine never got larger, and protocol judges such cases as benign, with no biopsy necessary.

Of course anything is possible, but Lymphoma of course is usually metastatic first to the bone marrow if it is going anywhere. Lung is a lot less common.

Hoping for negative CT results for you,


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What lousy timing. Just when you are planning the joyous family occasion of your son's wedding, the lymphoma worries had to come knocking on your door. I'm glad you are not having symptoms and that your LDH remains in the normal range. I hope all this gets sorted out soon! I would say "try not to worry" but that would be silly.

I sure hope it is not lymphoma again and I will say a prayer for you.




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Sorry to hear that, waiting for test results might be one of the roughest parts of this whole cancer thing.  Hang in there!

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Words of encouragement are always helpful during the wait. I've become Hypersensitive to every cough and breath just waiting for a symptom, although with my first relapse which was on the lining of my lung, not in my lung, I had no symptoms so I should know better. Samhoward, good luck with your scan!


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