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Hello All...

I was dx with endometrial cancer on Nov 1 2017, full hys on Dec 8th. Pathology report came back Stage 1A, with Lymphovascular invasion and after genetic testing, confirmed I have Lynch Syndrome, which opens my risk up to mulitple different kinds of cancers. That being the case, I recently developed a bad case of shingles. My question, are shingles a precusor to lymphoma? I am at risk for lymphoma because of the lynch syndrome. I know I had lymphaovascular invasion from the endometrial cancer , adenocarcinoma, and just wondering if I have a new cancer? Sorry, if I sound paranoid...just looking for some advice. Thank you kindly.

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Shingles (as you may already know) is a re-emergence in your body of the virus (Varicella zoster) that causes chickenpox .  I've never heard it referred to as any kind of precursor to lymphoma or any other cancer. That said, your current oubreak may (but not necessarily) reflect a weakened immune system.  You may wish to ask your oncologist about that.  I was put on maintenance acylovir during my chemo regimen to protect me from shingles because my immune system was so thoroughly zapped. I believe this prophylatic acylovir treatment is common with lymphoma and bone marrow transplant patients. If you haven't already done so, I hope you are getting treated with Valtrex or acylovir.  Best of luck to you.

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Thank you kindly, for the response. I appreciate the help. I am currently on Valtrex for the shingles outbreak. I will be seeing my oncologist in 2 weeks to discuss about my immune system etc.

Again many thanks. Be well.

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