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I am 7 months post nephrectomy. The past month or so I’ll have a pain On my left side where my only remaining kidney is. It comes and goes. It’s not double over pain or stop me in my tracks pain it but I notice it now because of what I’ve been through. If I’m doing something and not thinking about it I dont notice it. I know my remaining kidney has 2 cysts. I get my second set of scans in about a month and a half. Is it my mind, par for the course, or should I be concerned?


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    Wait for the follow up scan,

    But say something to the sonographer going in.  I would suspect it still part of the healing process, i.e.  muscles you hadn't used for a while coming back to life and being stretched more as you use them.

    Good luck and be vigilant, and patient.  Hah!.. That's difficult, I know.


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    Just adding to Donna’s reply,

    Just adding to Donna’s reply, also remember that you’re going to be hyper-sensitive to any little aches and pains in the area of your kidneys.  I’m two years out from my partial and if i get a twinge somewhere in th3 general area of my kidneys, i always get a momentary (and sometimes a lot longer than momentary) sense of worry.  

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    My wife has the same thing.

    My wife has the same thing. She’ll twist a certain way, or jump up out of a chair too quick etc.....and she’ll get a little reminder twitch of discomfort. It’s been 15 months tomorrow since she had her surgery.


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    Me too

    I get the odd little twinge near my remaining kidney. Actually it is rare and barely noticeable. I'm probably a little hypersensitive because if anything goes wrong with 'lefty' it's a disaster.

    My nephrectomy was about a month before Mrs Boondock's.

    Remember that your remaining kidney has to adapt. It will expand a lot and hold much more blood at any time. No surprise if that generates some odd feelings.