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PSA results 3 months after surgery

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First PSA after surgery 3 months ago  -  .09 and my meeting with surgeon is next Wednesday.  Don't know if that number is acceptable or not.....but one thing for sure is I'm not going to spend hours and hours pounding the internet.   Comments appreciated.

Rick from Kansas - 59 years old


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Hi Rickdean,

I feel you need to wait for a couple more PSA readings over the next months to a year to see if your PSA is going up or down or steady.  Most people feel that anything under .2 is not a concern but undetectable is the best.  No need to panic at this point, just wait and see, it takes three points to make a trend line.

Dave 3+4

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Hi Rick:

Anything <0.2 is considered a good and safe reading, per dad's surgeon as well. You should not worry too much:).

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I will be getting my first PSA test in July (3 months post RP).  I go to see the surgeon on 3 August to discuss.  From what I have read, PSA post-radical prostatectomy The PSA should be less than 0.1ng/ml after radical prostatectomy. Once the prostate has been removed, the serum PSA should decay to undetectable levels. This is a reassuring measure of complete resection, reinforced by histopathological results. Ultrasensitive assays can detect PSA to a level of 0.01ng/ml. A detectable PSA reflects an incomplete resection or occult metastases. Following radical prostatectomy, several studies have used <0.2ng/ml as the standard definition of an unrecordable reading. Biochemical recurrence with a PSA of >0.2ng/ml was identified in 19 per cent of patients postoperatively. There have been no reported cases of recurrence in men with a nPSA of <0.01ng/ml.  I pounded the internet for 5 minutes to find this info.  Good luck to you Rickdean.  Reading some of your previous posts, if I have the right person, you had very little if any side effects from the surgery.  I am like you I am not going to get any grey hair over it.  Later.

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Thanks for your comments.  Correct ....my surgery has been fantastic with no side effects at all.  Its like it never happened.    Rick from Kansas

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