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New chemo study - immunotherapy & breast cancer

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I just saw this article on using less chemo and more targeted therapy to treat breast cancer.  Hopefully, it will apply to uterine cancer at some point.  I sure hope so!!



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I did see that on the news last night. It sounded very promising.

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I think the study you mention is if women had a mismatch deficiency, but I think this is something to go after as well


I, selfishly, just wish people would think we are more than just breasts!

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Yes, some day immunotherapy or personalized therapy will help our own immune systems concur cancer. It can’t come soon enough! Yes, there is a lot of money for breast cancer research. I saw something on TV about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in life. Children‘s cancer research is very underfunded too. 


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This one person study was on a breast cancer patient. But the technique is not tumor specific. It can be done on any tumor (assuming they can get a sample). But I think I heard that maybe about 15%  respond. But obviously fantastic beyond dreams for those 15%. And hopefully they can continue to improve those odds by learning what treatments to give in combination with it. I think this technique was discussed in that miniseries The Emperor of All Maladies.

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