Upper left lobectomy

I had a VATS surgery on April 13, 2018 and I seem to get really short of breath just going up one flight of steps or if I sweep my floor.  I have never had Asthma before but this is very much like an Asthma attack where my bronchial tubes tighten up.  I also have this cough that refuses to go away.  Please tell me this gets better because I am working full-time and I now work in an office that is small and my coughing is starting to annoy my coworkers.  I have to walk a lot and this is becoming hard because of the shortness of breath.


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    Check out other posts and maybe see your dr

    There are a few posts on here on this subject. Also have you had any radiation? I ask as coughing can be a result of that. Either way, if you haven't check in with your doctor just to make sure all is well and if there is anything than can help you throught his like maybe a round of steroids. FYI - sometimes taking the steroids are worse than the cough due to the side effects, As for your coworkers one would hope they would be understanding that it is not like you can help the coughing. You are in a battle for your life after all. But considering how long it has been since your surgery I would check in with your dr, just to be on the safe side. Best of luck.