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cancer cells like hair cells ?

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I am new and have a question.  As I understand it the cells that control hair growth is fast acting as is cancer cells.  I noticed after my first chemo that my beard had almost stopped growing.  This probably a stupid question but I let my beard grow for a week and it was like it was just 1 day.  Could this mean that the chemo is working on the cancer the same as the hair cells ?  If so the chemo must be doing an outstanding job on the cancer cells.  Please don't think I am stupid !  I would appreciate some serious answers.  Thanks

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Any and all questions are important. 

To be honest, I've never put much thought into hair cells. All I know is that my hair fell out all over my body, and came back rather sporadic. The chemo definitely damaged my hair cells.  But, as of April, I am four years NED (no evidence of disease) at Syage IV, so you may be on to something. 

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This would seem logical to me and was wondering if any other men on here have experienced the same thing.  I couldn't believe it when it was happening !!  But it honestly did happen !!


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I think you're right. Traditional chemo goes after fast dividing cells including cancer and hair cells.


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