Mets to liver- positive stories please!

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Who has had kidney cancer mets to their liver and have had a positive outcome? Need some encouraging stories.


  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    I have no direct experience but have just been reading about a man on a uk renal site who had a very large tumour which then spread to liver

    he had half his liver removed.. had some treatments  ( Axtinib) and has been clear for past three years


  • pvob
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    had 5 mets on liver they got

    had 5 mets on liver they got smaller with votrient and later where gone with votrient.

  • donna_lee
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    12 years ago, mets had gone to liver

    I had the r. kidney, left lobe of liver, set of nodes below the kidney, a defective gall bladder and the bile duct removed.  Although they have found spots/cysts on the liver since then, they are not cancer.

    Surgery took care of all.  No drugs, chemo or otherwise, or radiation.

    Mine was T2N2M1  Stage 4 before even having the surgery.

    You can survive.