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Hearing Loss after Cancer surgery...

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Hey Everybody! Two years ago, my dad was detected with cancer. The problem was with his parotid glands. He had gone through the surgery. After the radiation and chemotherapy, he became completely healthy. As the surgery was done in the parotid gland, his face got slight changes. The surgery was done on the lower ear area. The doctor told that a gradual hearing loss will be there. Now he is showing some hearing problems. The surgery was done on the left side. So every time when others speak from his left, he may not able to hear properly. Whenever someone speaks from the right, he always finds it difficult to understand. So, we are planning to take him to the hearing doctor specialist in Toronto. We all know the reason behind his poor hearing capability. But, he is unaware of that. We all feel very sad to say this to him. Already, he is fighting with a risky disease. So, how can we tell about this to him? All of us are in a hard situation. Is there anything to be taken care of cancer patients who have hearing problems?

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Any and all surgeries near the ear carry the potential to inflict hearing loss. It is good to take Dad for auditory testing to determine the amount of loss - some of it being simply a function of the aging process. However, the difference from side-to-side is almost certainly related to the surgery. Fortunately, there are a variety of ddevices to help him hear better. In our tech age, some are very affordable and best used at home, while the usual high-tech hearing aids run quite up the price scale. None of us like the bodily chages we undergo, the bottom line being that we must be alive to have complaints. 

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