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Anybody heard of this?

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I'm wondering if this would help with the side effects of immunotherapy chemos. I've had some pretty bad side effects of the immunotherapy causing inflammation in my colon last September when I got sepsis from it. And the last time it didn't go after my colon, it went after my uterus and has cause all kinds of unpleasantness that way from bleeding- I had a hysterectomy years ago- to terrible burning and itching. My onc said it's normal and she's had patients that have suffered terribly with it. One woman had to keep a sitz bath with water in it so she could go to the bathroom while sitting in the water to try to make it not burn so much. Urine feels like acid when this is bad.


Thanks for any thoughts on this. Some of you are SO much better at finding information on things than I am.



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My manager has Crohns and has had problems for decades but she's with a doctor that has her on natural things (herbs, diet, etc.) and things are better. Stress is a factor too but we work in  inherently stressful jobs.

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but I have heard of a Sitz Bath, and lived on mine during radiation. 

It is exciting when the medical field makes new inroads to treatments.  Worth looking into Jan. 


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I know nothing about this, I am just mad you are having this side effect. The only thing I can think of and I don’t know if it would work is the medicine you can take when you have a bladder infection. It helps to numb the pain maybe that would work? Here in the US you can get it over the counter it’s called Azo. 

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Thanks, we tried meds for UTIs and they did nothing. It's still going on and I'm very frustrated. My father-in-law's funeral was yesterday and we had to drive two hours to the town where he'd lived. Then we were there all day and drove home. I was tressed the whole time worrying about having an accident. It really should be gone by now.


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