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One year after breast cancer something wrong weak and dizzy

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please help me .. I had cancer one year ago remove both breast and lymph nodes    they did transfer the lymph nodes to my armpit but did not work arm swollen and painful.   Did have chemo and radiation 


Last 6 months felt extremely tired dizzy weakness fatigue.  Finally went to hospital they kept me three days said sodium very low.  Not in heat  I drinks lots of water.   I felt much better while getting sodium. 


Came home feeling as I did.  I feel faint, tired all of the above.  Had blood work done agin    No results yet.    I do work and a 7,000  deductible which I did meet      


I feel worst a year later     Help me please



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Hello Carolrocky! Dont claim anything that you dont know to be true!!! keep talking to your specialist and see what they say ..waiting is very very hard when you have test done...maybe some side effects from medication..I know the letrozole that I take joint and bone pain and more tried than normal since I started taking it . you know your body and when something is not right. I always try focus on other positive things thats going on around me(grand kids and their school)   so I wont beat myself up over the negitive..because I know things could be a lot worse.

Prayer and Hugs to you..Good luck with EVERYTHING


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side effects from cancer treatment sometimes dont always happen right away.  drink lots of water, ask your doc about vit. D and calcium amounts  (blood test show this)   Ask your doc to refer you to a physical therapist who specializes in massage after mastectomy.  Not just any ol Joe.  because it sounds like possible lymphedema in your arms and they will help you so much. 

Dont give up, keep pushing the docs about your dizziness. 



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Did you have chemo and other drugs? Continue to advocate for yourself and don’t accept feeling this badly until you have an answer. I will tell you that it takes a long time to recover from chemo and sometimes you never feel quite the same again. Hang in there! 

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