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Lymphoma Research Question

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I have a very specific question about ongoing research to which I am trying to get a straight unambiguous answer To. Is anything being developed which targets only diseased b-lymphocytes and not all b-cells having a given marker? For example CAR-T technology, like rituxan, attacks all b lymphocytes with a given marker - CD20 for Rituxan and CD19/20 for current versions of CAR-T. As I see it the main difference between the two treatments is the mechanism by which the b-cells are killed. These drugs are a big step forward over chemo which essentially attacks the entire body. However they are not curative, can have serious side effects and for CAR-T bone marrow procedures are recommended. These bone marrow transplants have a 20% mortality rate. Far from ideal treatments.

Any suggestions as to where I can find who is doing work in this area would be appreciated. There are literally hundreds of projects and the situation is complicated by the secrecy in some drug companies. Very difficult to sort through and understand. I am not looking to join a trial, just seeking information.

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I have no answer for you but wanted to say I love the way you are researching and thinking.  You are so right that the drug companies like to keep their research and findings secret.  I've been trying to get information from Genentech on both Pegasys Interferon and Rituxan for some time now and find it very frustrating.  Please let us know what you are finding out.


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