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Anemia after surgery

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Hi everyone. My dad had a radical nephrectomy on 3/28. Prior to surgery he was very anemic, which is what led them to discover the tumor. He had a blood transfusion before surgery, but they did not transfuse during or after. They try to hold off on transfusions if possible. After surgery his hemoglobin started to climb, he was still very anemic but it was at least slowly rising. Now, the last three weeks his hemoglobin has started to drop again and he can barely get out of bed. He was feeling pretty good right after the surgery, better then he had in months. Now this. They did a ct scan a few days ago just to make sure everything was ok and it came back clear. They are waiting on his blood test from this morning and if the hemoglobin is still falling they will transfuse him. Has anyone else had this happen? A blood transfusion 8 weeks after surgery? 

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I was anemic also after surgery and about six weeks later had to have transfusion. Since then I'm on Slo Fe iron 2 x a day.

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I have always been anemic before and after surgery. I also take iron tablets. I did have to a blood transfusions after surgery, I had a lot of bleeding.

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Anemia after surgery is pretty common, particularly if your dad was anemic prior to the procedure.  I was anemic prior to an emergency abdominal surgery I had to have in 2010, and the anemia stuck with me for a good two months after the operation.

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