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Mom just diagnosed today

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On Friday my mom, who has been the school nurse for over 30 years in the very small town I grew up in located in MA, began writing illegibly around 9:30 am, by 12:30 she was slurring her speech and passed out. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I now live in Texas so I am very far away from her. My older sister called me today to update me and let me talk to my mom since she was with my mom and they transferred my Mom to a large hospital in Boston, MA. My mommy is very hesitant to tell me things since I have a panic disorder, I am VERY close to my parents, and I live all the way in Texas. They didn't tell me about my Daddy's rotator cuff surgery months ago until after he was home from the hospital! My mom said the doctors found an 8cm mass on her left kidney and after they treat her blood disorder (they also diagnosed her with that when she was brought in, she had a 103.5 fever). She said they will be doing robotic surgery to remove her left kidney when she has recovered from the blood infection. She also mentioned there is necrosis around her kidney which I am not sure what that means at all. Can anyone provide me with some more information? I am not sure if this was the correct area to post this and if not I truly apologize, as I realize there are people who are struggling with much more. I am just really scared and worried about my Mom and hoping someone can provide me with some information that they may know given what she told me so far. Thank you.

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At 8cm your mother has a mid size tumor the protocall for which is removing the tumor   and kidney following which they will check for mets on at least an annual basis. I too lost my left kidney almost 16 years ago when I was 59 years young. Of course they have to address the other issues first as this surgery is not fun. Heres wishing her at least 15  or more years to go.





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Try not to worry overly.  Not nice when it happens to a loved one but treatment of kidney cancer is getting better all the time.

Surgery followed by appropriate surveillance and if necessary treatment regime is keeping most of us here alive, so your mother's outlook is not all doom and gloom.  And you will learn so much about something you never even wanted to think about.

Best Wishes,


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This is what my brother had to deal with this past year.  They were able to take the mass off but not unitl it moved to the bladder.  He suffered some very uncomfortable times during chemo treatments.  Now he is done with the chemo.  They bleive they got it all but he will go back every 3 mo. for checks and then 6 mo checks and then yearly checks for a long long time, if not for life.

No matter what type of cancer a person gets, it is awful and it is tough.  

Prayers going up for all of you.  Stay strong as you can.



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I just had my left kidney removed robotically in January after finding a few issues with the kidney including a small 2cm tumor.  Surgery and recovery went well.  I felt pretty good after a couple weeks and near 100% within a month or so.  Hopefully your Mom has the same result.  Good luck!

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