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Multiple cancer in Right Kidney and 1 exophytic tumor in Left

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Ok.....Here's the update. Still blood in my urine. That's not good news.
Something is going on with the section of my right kidney that they did a partial Di Vinci surgery on 17 weeks ago today. Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, Grade 2, pT1a. There is a 'subtle abnormality' identified in the posterior lateral aspect of the right kidney. This extends from margin to margin of the cortex. This measures approximately 1.2 cm. However, this posterior lateral right renal lesion is discrepant (not seen) on the MRI of 9/5/2017 and the CT of 11/29/2017. Doctor stated that the abnormality is either 50% scar tissue (He had to cut very deep and I have 4 LAYERS of stitches) or 50% not good news (more cancer) even though I had clear margins. That section was my lower kidney, back side. They removed a 1.7 cm cancerous tumor. There is a palatable knot that he was surprised to feel and the pain is getting progressively worse. He has put me on Tramadol as needed for pain.
I have a 'simple' cyst that turned 'enhancing' measuring 1.4 cm in my upper front of that (right) kidney. That is cancer. He wants to wait and give that kidney time to heal and hopefully that will allow him to do another partial neph vs taking the whole kidney. He said that it takes about a year to fully heal.
There is a 'very subtle partially exophytic' left renal lesion (attached to but growing out of/away from my kidney) measuring approximately .5 cm. That is also cancer. However, it is too small yet to operate on.
I go mid-November for another MRI and the following week back to Urology Surgeon. He advised there WILL be more cancer surgery.....just a matter of WHEN.
I have been dealing with this since May 2017 (already 1 year has passed). Here's to another year of waiting when all is said and done.
THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for all your love, prayers and support. It means more than you all will ever know.


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I had a total left nephrectomy in Dec of 2017 and now I have a 1.5 cm tumor on my right kidney that I am having a biopsy followed by cyroablation on May 31st.

I'm starting to get anxious. My Urologist and oncologist feel like this is not a metastases but rather another primary tumor.

I don't care either way I want it gone!

Best of luck to you.


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Wow and best of luck to YOU. What are the odds of both of us having Bi-Lateral RCC??? Sending prayers for sure!

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I have read and reread your earlier posts. You have a bunch of unwanted stuff on your kidneys which on the good side appears small for now. Look into a secoond opinion to confirm you are going in the right direction.




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Yes I do have way too much going on. :(  I have the best of the best (doctors) where I live. The only other 'better' option would be a cancer hospital in another state and unfortunately my 'state' insurance won't go for that. I do trust this man literally with my life. I'm also diabetic so he is in no hurry to put me thru any unnecessary surgery. He is going to exhaust any and all options first and is being highly cautious. He's literally praying that he is wrong regarding the issues with my right kidney, but he's done this for 25+ years. 

On a side note, I want to thank you for being such a WONDERFUL inspiration to all of us on this board. You have helped me more than you know.


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Well, this is rather unexpected and a very rare occasion - tohave not only bilateral cancer, but also to get the masses to be popping up that quickly. Peraps these masses are something else, smth benign? Angiomyolipomas? I heard it is sometimes hard to tell them apart.

As Iceman said, it is great they are all very small.

Hold on!

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