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Lost days after treatment...

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Hello you wonderful, helpful women,

I finished radiation in February and mistakenly thought I’d be done. All I had to do was get stronger which I thought would of course happen. Well I feel like I have a sorta good day then a bad day. I never have a completely good day. Today was an awful day. I felt generally I’ll all over and not myself. Is this normal?

The impression I got was that I was “just” having radiation and would feel better and better. I don’t feel like I’m getting better. I’ve stopped the awful side-effects from the radiation which made m incredibly ill. However I’m constantly tired and barely clear headed.

Any thoughts???

Thanks sooo much.

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I didn't have radiation, so I can't address how you feel after that.  However, I just heard something on TV the other day about Gilda Radner's death, so I looked up what she died from out of curiosity.  Her husband, Gene Wilder, talked about how she was misdiagnosed and how it took 10 months to find out she had ovarian cancer. He said she'd suddenly felt like she was in a fog, which came and went, and she was extremely fatigued.  I used to have the same symptoms before being diagnosed with my first bout of UPSC.  My cancer had metastasized to various places, including both ovaries.  I had blamed my fatigue on eating too many simple carbs, which wear off, leaving a person tired.  Now I wonder if it was from the cancer in the ovaries.  This probably isn't what you have, but it just seemed so similar that I had to mention it. 

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I appreciate any info. I’m finding it difficult to believe something invisible can have such a dramatic effect on my life.

Thanks again.

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Gege, My Gyn/Onc gently told me that I won’t really know what my “new normal”

would be until a year after I completed treatment. I had hysterctomy with 26 lymph nodes removed, chemo and radiation . At my 3 month check up I told my doctor I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. That is when my doctor told me that my recovery would take a full year. That advice was given to me 9 years ago. I am not the same as before the aggressive/invasive treatments, but I am doing well! It takes time.... Peace and grace, Gege

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