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Actually Felt Normal

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I was laying down on the couch and I actually felt nothing as far as the urinary tract was concerned.  Totally normal.  I thought for a second that I had broke something.  So I took in 16 ounzes of water just to make sure everything was still working and it was.  Today, while I was cleaning up some things, I felt a normal urge to urinate.  Just like it felt pre-RP.  So I went over to my favorite tree and did what my dog would do (we live in the country).  I am 2 months post RP.  I feel pretty good both physically and mentally.  Slowly but surely, I feel like my urinary systems are coming around.  These are victories for me.

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Yes, you are the winner. Great news on the improvement. I hope you receive and share again good news on the next PSA results.

For those interested, your story is here;





Jerry Mac
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I can relate to your sucess. I am 3 month post surgery, and down to 1 pad a day, until i workout. I sleep without any protection, dry as a Vegas dessert in the mornings. Congrats to you..


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