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Severe pelvic pain, nerve damage issues from rectal cancer

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My mum is still battling Squamous cell cancer of the schincter muscel rectal, she has had a full removal and hysterectomy, started with chemo radiation to shrink no luck, so all was removed. chemo & radiation didnt work as it travelled to nearby lymph nodes and lung metasis. however currently being treated with nivumolab immuno drug and had amazing results, although the problem is the severe pelvic hip buttock pain, has anyone experienced any nerve damage after having radiation and this surgery before its been 2 years since the surgery. all ct and pet scans show nothing major down there, nerve blockers medication are not working. any advice or what you have used to help your pain would be very much appreciated. thanking you in advance.


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I have radiation damage to my hips, though, for the most part, no pain like you describe; just lack of flexibility.

What I do suffer from on occasion is Sciatica. It is exacerbated when I gain weight. If I keep my weight down below a certain level, I can keep the pain away. 

I don't know if this will be of any help to your mum. 

It is awful to live with chronic pain, and not be able to trace the problem.  I hope your mum can find some relief. Being in pain, is not conducive to healing, as it depresses the system and the mind. 


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I had rectal cancer 5 years agi and before during and after treatment I had paralyzing painso bsd I could not move.

Surprizingly what worked for me the best is 600mg ibuprofen(Motrin, Advil) 3-4 time a day. I was fully functional and comfortable when I took these doses regularly and before the pain came back on.

All the best!

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Did you have any bleeding isuues with the ibuprofen?  I have been wanting to take a larger dose for back pain, but the doctors have told me to limit intake due to risk of bleeding.

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Pain from radiation can last a long time.  Two years seems like it should have been subsided by then.  Radiation can do much damage to our inners than we've ever thought possible.  I'm sorry that they've not found out what it is yet and hope they can find something to help her pain.


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Thankyou kindly for your replies, unfortunately she cant take ibrufen whilst having immunotherapy.

all the best ox

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I have been using ibuprofen for all kids of reasons on myself and my patients for decades. They claim it has some blood thinning effect but far not as bad as aspirin.

I love this medicine, it saved my life.

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