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Diagnosed with prostate cancer and worried!!!

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Dear all,

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few days ago and my urologist says, after introducing the results of the biopsy, that I need treatment. My last PSA was 5.76 and out of 12 cores, I have 6 cancerous cores. All are grade T2 and their Gleason scale score is 3+3=6. My urologist says all these cores are located on the right lobe of my prostate gland and they are confined to prostate gland. I requested a CT scan, MRI scan and bone scan to make sure that there is no spread, but the doctor says there is no need for MRI and bone scan and only CT scan is needed. I am extremely worried and confused because I don’t know what to choose for treatment, radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy (external beam, brachytherapy) or cryotherapy. Please help me, I want to hear your opinions. Any comment or advice will be highly appreciated.


Georges Calvez
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Chin up Blue you are on the good way, you really know you have won when you can take and hold several beers or wines without dribbling in your strides!


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