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3 months after partial nephrectomy

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This is my status 3 months after my partial nephrectomy


Feeling better , much better.... I already playing soccer again...2-3 days / week....   I could say that phisically I am 95%... mentally, well, thats the problem... hard episodes of fear and anxiety, but still working on it.


Trying to lose the extra pounds. first time in my life I developed hemorroids , I know, disgusting, but I guess I got it because all the time I spent sitting during my recovery time..


Hope everybody are doing better




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---that made your recovery easier. Don't overdue the physical stuff too much, too soon.




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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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To hear that you are doing well.  Just like you never thought you'd get to this point three months ago you will get there mentally as well.  Keep working on it and remember that there is alot of help out there, you just have to be willing to accept it.  I'm so thankful to alot of people for their patients , understanding  and love, they all helped me get to where I am today B"H.  Keep up the good work.

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Carlos, it does indeed sound as though you're doing well physically. As for the mentally / emotionally part? You mention that your father recently passed away from cancer. So sorry for your loss. Your grief is still recent enough that you're "allowed" to have days when it feels as though you're coming apart at the seams (especially since now you've been diagnosed with cancer). Do what you can to be your own best buddy (and as Gtngbtr pointed out, there's lots of others out there to help, too).

All the best -- keep us posted!

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