Unique Case

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         My father was diagnosed with Poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma, small cell carcinoma. He underwent a surgery and the tumour was completely excised. Doctors were also certain that cancer has been removed.


Biopsy was conducted on the removed tumour and lympnodes. Below is the exact statement of the result


ADDENDUM (5/5/18)Pan CK highlights small focus of subcapsular tumour deposit in one lymph node, 1/42Ki67 is >90% in the tumour.Final pathological stagingpT2N


Doctors told that they have never seen this type of case and need to discuss with other experts on medication. May I know what may be the condition and treatment for the same.



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    New cancer

    So I was recently diagnosed with a very rare cancer called ependymoma, which is a nervous cancer normally founded in small children. Even though there has never been more than four cases of it ever. My doctor's don't even know how to really treat it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a very similar case.