Chromophobe RPLND Surgery

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Two years ago I underwent a very successful surgery called RPLND surgery, this surgery is the reason I am alive today. Two days from now I will be attending my youngest daughters high school graduation. The sole driver for me to turn down targeted therapy, and instead pursue surgery, was a thought CSN post July 2012 from “I a alive”. In this post I first learned of RPLND surgery for Chromophobe patient. Washington Unversity In St. Louis mo strongly disagreed that I was a candidate for surgery, so I got new doctors. We reached out to Sloan Koettering New City, they agreed that I was a candidate for RPLND surgery. I also reached out to Dr. Foster Indianapolis, Dr. Foster strongly agree that surgery best course of action. So thank you “I am alive” I think of you every time I am alive for another significant event I my families lives. Keep up the good work on CSN.


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    Wow! What a great success

    Wow! What a great success story. Congrats and all best wishes to you and your family!

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    Yes! Retro-periotoneal lymph node dissection (without the typos!

    So awesome!!