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Interesting Observations

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Good morning! Some things pop in to my mind and they are quite interesting. Since having my kidney and cancer removed, I have noticed the following...

Night sweats are gone.

I am not freezing cold all the time. I mean the kind of cold where you sit in a hot bath and your inner core still feels freezing.

My hair seems to be more full. I remember it all breaking/coming out horribly around the time he thinks I first had it (not searching for things here, but it is all making sense).

All quite interesting actually. The doc said I had this cancer for a good 6-7 years and when I think back this is when these things started. I am glad they are gone. I remember him telling me the tumor can throw out strange hormones. Have any of you noticed anything change (or even go away that you didn't realize could have been from the cancer)?

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Hmmm.... I never really thought about it. Wondering if my pregnancy with my last son could have accelerated the tumor? I have hormone issues anyway. As for night sweats, I haven't had them in awhile now that I think about it! Thats crazy! I'm just glad to not have that monster growing inside me!



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I've heard some cancers can cause anemia (called anemia of chronic disease or smth). Your sypmtoms match anemic ones - hair loss, feeling cold all the time...

Perhaps your were anemic (due to cancer or due to simple iron deficiency anemia)?


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My tumor put so much pressure on my adrenal that my hair thinned, my metabolism bottomed completely out causing me to not be able to lose any weight and I became moody,angry and thought I was literally going crazy.

I had anxiety,  night sweats , restless legs...i just thought I was getting ready for early onset menopause.

My Dr later cleared this all up for us by explaining the impact my large tumor had on my adrenal.

Since my nephrectomy all that has changed. My surgery was in Dec. I was a size 24 it is now May and I am back in a 14. Still a ways to go but I feel good!

They figure my tumor had been growing for 10 plus years!

Gtngbtr58 @aol.com's picture
Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Something to think about!  I'm glad your side effects are clearing up continued good health. June

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Funny as I just thought this too.  I have a ton of hair, very thick.  About 2 years before my cancer was found it was falling out like crazy. I discussed it all the time.  After my surgery to remove my turmor, my hair start to grow like crazy and harldly any falls out.  My hair is thick again.

I was also anemic. I chewed on ice all the time.  That was discovered before my cancer so addressed that earlier but hair continued to fall out.


I do believe my body was trying to tell me and I knew deep in my heart it was off but thought it was aging or hormones. 


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I had the opposite problem then Annissa. I was hot all the time, evan had a small fan at work.  After sugery, always cold and wear a fleece jacket at work (and I live in the south!). And not anemic  My coworker commented that the surgeon must have removed my thermostat with my kidney!

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I started Grad school in the fall of 2016 and started having anxiety attacks (hadn't had one in over 10 years). Thought it was just stress. Also was having night sweats like crazy. Haven't had one since my nephrectomy I thought it was hormones too (I just turned 40). 

(I was Stage 1 pRCC that grew very quickly- it was 3 cm in July 2017 and 4.5 cm when removed). It didn't affect my adrenal (and it was left) because it was on the lower pole. But I have noticed that in the 6 weeks since my surgery my anxiety is WAY WAY WAY lower. Almost gone actually, I'm more anxious about maybe feeling anxious lol. 

Since the surgery though I feel like my hair has thinned some. I'm hoping it bounces back!

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Joined: Mar 2017

I had a really bad eye twitch, left side same as my cancer. It seems to be gone. As far as the cold, I'm cold all the time now.

Angiebby75's picture
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Joined: Aug 2017

I was always cold but still cold. I am anemic. My hair is a little fuller. 

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Joined: May 2018

I had been having some fatigue, lack of motivation (depression?) and lowered endurance. I also had been having low grade fevers a couple days a week, mostly in the evenings. I felt like something was wrong but was thinking it was probably pre menopause symptoms. My blood tests were all normal. Surgery was in March so I still have some fatigue from that but it feels different. Fevers are gone.

Posts: 111
Joined: Nov 2017

My night sweats are gone.  I have new pains, but think that's just from the surgery.  My back now hurts at night (spasms), but my side isn't sore like it was that brought me in to get things looked at last fall to begin with.


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My night sweats are 90% gone. I'd had them for at least a year before the surgery. Same for the miserable chills that I would get a time or three during the day are maybe down to once a month, if that. I'd have to bundle myself up like it was January and I was going to walk the dog, crawl into bed looking like a Lanz flannel mummy, or try to thaw out by using up a water heater's worth of hot water in the tub or shower (THEN doing the bundle up or flannel mummy thing).

What was weird was, I knew something was awry, but certainly NEVER had thought about a kidney tumor. But I was definitely wondering what was going on with my adrenals. My tumor was on the upper part ("North Pole" Laughing ) of my left kidney, so it was in the general neighborhood of the adrenal.

It's been 18 months (!) since my surgery. It did take a while after my surgery for my thermostat to update and reboot, but it seems to be functioning pretty well now.

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