Last updates. Mostly negative news

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Hello Everyone,

It's been going a lot on my side lately, so I could not write here for a while. Unfortunately I write you this entry from hospital.

Since I had left the hospital last time after surgery, my stomach started to give me very hard times. On Monday, I went for several tests, xray, ultrasound and endoscopy to stomach. During endoscopy, they found out that back wall of my stomach is not normal. It looks very smooth in a weird way and the doctor was thinking it may be an inflammation or tumor. They had taken pieces from multiple places from the area. We are waiting for the results which will be ready next week Monday.

Yesterday, I visited my onc, and she said we have to wait for biopsy results from endoscopy to continue the chemo. She suggested me to eat and drink everything I want and told me to eat lots of sugar and protein to recover quickly. I was shocked about sugar suggestion, and she said it is meaningless to starve the body right now. After I arrived home, I ate my lunch, my snacks and my dinner with plenty of drinks, then I started to feel very ill in the evening. I got fewer and before going to sleep I threw out a lot from what I ate and drank. Plus, I have some hard spot on my tummy, just above the belly button. It is sometimes very hard and big like a small bird's egg.

Today in the morning, we contacted to our doctors and learnt that they found infection in my blood, so I have to be hospitalized.

And once more I am at hospital and don't know when will they let me go.

Thanks for your patience, I just wanted to write these things down. I am frustrated from complications.

Stay strong, 


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    Hang in there...

    Hang in there bud.  I hope and pray that they get all of these complications sorted in a fairly smooth and fast manner and you can get on with the fight!


    We are here for you...



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    Sorry for your troubles

    I hope you are doing better soon. You are in my thoughts and I'm sending positive vibes.


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    Sorry to hear about the complications Ugur. Try to stay positive and optimistic, never put yourself down. How come  CT scan has nit shown anything about the stomach but anyway you are young and your body will fight with blood infection as well.

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    Thinking of you

    Hoping and praying your negative news turns to positive news.

  • Ugur
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    Thank you for your kind messages. You are giving me strength during this difficult path.

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    Ugur said:


    Thank you for your kind messages. You are giving me strength during this difficult path.

    dandelion tea.

    Hi, my sister (42, 4 s. CC, unoperable)had the similar situation when she got a fever and doctor thought she had an infection and prescribed her antibiotics, she drunk dandelion tea and it really helped her, fortunately she didn't have any infection. Wish you get well very soon. keep strong!

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    Sorry things are difficult. I am sending you my best wishes for an improved result.  

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    I am sorry

    I hope things improve soon 

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    i know the setbacks seem like

    i know the setbacks seem like never ending, but they do eventually- cancer is a long haul thing- unfortunately, and lots of setbacks occure soemtimes- I had my share of them as well, and got discouraged too- but now it's just a distant memory- i tried to look on hte bright side- i was finally havign soemone (hospital staff) wait on me hand and foot- and could relax not havign to worry abotu gettign meals, gettign dressed when i was too weak to do so- etc- got to meet soem nice peopel too-


    The hardest pat of course was not knowing- and created a bit of worry- Don't have any good advice for that- except that beign a Christian i was able to give the worry over to God and accept whatever came along- Still not easy though- I hope you can somehow find peace amid the worry-

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    So very sorry to hear this

    I love reading your posts, but this time, it makes me sad to hear of these further complications. 

    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, for a speedy and complete recovery. And as much as we don't like chemo, best be back on it and get that part over and done with. 

    I pray your tests do not show anything serious, though you are certainly not having a fun time.

    Keep that chin up and keep reading here. You have freinds and support.


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    Stay strong

    most of us have been in the hospital and have heard unfortunate health news.  However, stay strong, try to get stronger each day.  Move forward, don’t think about the past.  You are young, and will get stronger.  Be strong my friend.  

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    Stay strong

    This too shall pass.  One day at a time.  I know everything seems so overwhelming and could discourage us.  I've been there.  But stay focused and let the will to live take over you.  Your body shall follow.  I pray for better news from you next time.  

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    I'm sorry to hear that you are having this much difficulty.  It's hard to wait for results until next week to determine what happens next.  Hopefully they can take care of that infection.  I'm not sure what the little nuggets are in your tummy.  If they've done all those tests, I'd think that they could tell you, but that could be a reason why they are waiting on the results.  Wishing you well and thinking of you.


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    Thanks again kindly

    I don't know how to thank you people here. 
    I hope soon I will post some positive news.

    Thank you all kindly,

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    Prayers sent your way Ugur. 

    Prayers sent your way Ugur. 

  • Trubrit
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    Prayers sent your way Ugur. 

    Prayers sent your way Ugur. 

    I second Sandy

    thinking of you, Ugur.


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    How are you doing Ugur?

    It's been awhile since you posted.  I hope things have improved for you.  

    Praying for good results to come your way soon!

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    Somehow I missed this post. I

    Somehow I missed this post. I hope you're feeling better now, please let us know. Did you have sepsis? I had that in September when my chemo irritatated my colon to the point where it perforated and allowed 4 colon bacterias into my blood. I wonder if this is what's happened to you?